Why is Mobile SEO important? Is My Site Mobile-Friendly?

Why is Mobile SEO important Is my site mobile-friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website allows the correct display of your website’s content on the user’s phone: iPhone, Smartphone, and tablet, or i-pad. It is often called responsive web design because the website design of Mobile SEO friendly sites can respond to any device’s display, starting from the small phone screen to a 46 inches LCD screen. If your website is mobile-friendly, it is very likely to open up the golden gates, which allows you to offer a streamlined experience to your visitors. 

How is a Mobile-Friendly Website Beneficial?

Most people have an idea: ‘My customers are not looking at my site via mobile phone.’ It is a false idea because if you look around, you will see that most people use mobile to randomly search for a product, service, or information over Google. As per recent studies, it was shown that more than half of the online traffic comes via mobile devices or through mobile applications.

For instance, you are on the way to a new restaurant and are thinking of scrolling through the menu before stopping there. You open the website over your mobile, but you have to pinch and zoom each section of the website to read and navigate. It is annoying, right? Well, most of us have come across these common issues because the website was not a mobile-friendly one. And I can guarantee that you would never put effort into scrolling through their website again because it is too difficult to work in such a format. 

This entire incident is very likely to make the restaurant lose one of its potential customers. The percentage of total visitors depends on the industry of your product or service. However, in a broader note, if you see, about 25-60% of total traffic for any website comes through devices like mobile and iPad. Even if you consider the lowest average, even 25% of the traffic is not worth losing, isn’t it?

Apart from attracting digital traffic, if the website is not up to the web standards, it can also affect your business’s success. The absence of a mobile-friendly website can negatively impact the rank of your brand over the SERP. So, you must act seriously about the web designing move and ensure that it is mobile-friendly website. You can go with any web design company in Bangalore and can boost your company’s sales. So, the benefits of owning a mobile-friendly SEO can be pointed as:

  • It streamlines user experience across devices
  • It acts as a signal for Positive ranking
  • It can improve the conversion rate with easy access from mobile devices.
  • It  has the ability to enhance the user experience
  • Over mobile devices, the download speed is much faster.
  • It is considered as a flexible and cost-effective solution than app development.

Why is Having a Mobile-Friendly SEO a Necessity?

The importance of owning a mobile-friendly website has grown in recent years with the increased use of smartphones. In 2015, Google had released an official statement that mentioned the concept of handling mobile-friendly search results. According to speculations, Google was found valuing the idea that websites should have the ability to cater to the needs of desktop and mobile visitors. Soon, they announced that mobile-friendliness now has a significant impact on the SERP ranking due to the changes in Google’s algorithm. 

Around June 2016, Google came up with its new mobile testing tool, which is quite practical and useful to date. This tool can help you to check the mobile speed score of the website you own in a hassle-free manner. Apart from essential design elements and ease to the users, Google strictly considers the mobile page’s performance for determining the ranking factor of any website, irrespective of the industry it is dealing with.

These days, people are more inclined towards shopping over online platforms. Online shoppers generally consider using their smart gadgets to browse and buy products online as smartphones have all the related applications for payment handy. It is crucial to run a mobile-friendly website, meet the requirements, and deliver the expected service to your potential customers. 

The mobile shopping experience of a buyer is of great importance. At the same time, online shops are already home to several issues. You need to make your mobile page easy to spend money under secured conditions and complete their purchase freely. As per studies, the sales of several websites and online stores are directly related to the positive user experience through mobile SEO. 

How can You Work on Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO has the ability to compete and achieve a good rank over the SERP. Every digital marketing agency is well-versed because Mobile SEO is like an open secret for people looking forward to being found on the top of the search engine results. 

Mobile SEO includes a detailed revision and optimization of the website in terms of technical and optical factors. The web design of a mobile-friendly website opts for short loading times to catch the target audience’s attention. It serves as an endemic indicator in your customers’ interest, allowing them to have fast and easier access to the search results using their phone or tablet. 

The traditional websites with dwindling structures and are not mobile-friendly are very likely to lose themselves competing with modern tech and improved mobile access. In this fast-moving world, every second matter. To catch the visitors’ attention, you need to make sure that your website holds a significant position in the SERP. It will offer the brand better visibility, which, over time, will help in increasing the conversion rate. Websites without a mobile SEO can be called as dead. Although it exists, it will stay unused if it does not implement the right tools to catch the fast-moving visitors and buyers’ pace.

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