Why Jason Freskos is Teaching Yoga for Free at His Stinson Beach Retreat Center

Why Jason Freskos is Teaching Yoga for Free at His Stinson Beach Retreat Center

Jason Freskos is a successful business person and a yoga enthusiast who recently opened up his personal retreat for free yoga classes. This step is something he has been pondering for many years because he believes in the power of this practice. He thinks it is possible for those who practice yoga to control their physical and mental health in various ways.

Why Jason Freskos is Offering This Service

While Jason Freskos could be charging good money to teach and lead yoga sessions, he has elected to do it for free as his retreat. That’s because he genuinely believes in the power and importance of yoga and how it can transform many people’s lives. Over the years, Freskos has not only performed yoga but read scientific studies that confirm the vital importance of a good yoga practice.

Many yoga practitioners turn to this practice for spiritual help, which Jason Freskos encourages in those who come to his center. However, he is mainly centered on the many physical and mental health benefits that it provides. Freskos has experienced many of these himself and strives to provide his clients with the safest and best form of this ancient practice.

For example, Jason Freskos has read studies that yoga helps manage insomnia symptoms. A National Sleep Foundation study found that those with yoga practice can sleep longer during the night and wake up less often than others. Many of his clients come to his free center to looking to get help with this problem, as yoga helps calm the mind, with anxiety being the most significant cause of insomnia.

Similarly, Jason Freskos knows that yoga helps fight problems like depression and social isolation by working the body and the mind and relaxing in soothing ways. A study about this topic found that 90 percent of yoga practitioners had lower scores on a depression screening test. Freskos discusses this benefit with each of his clients to ensure they understand its possibilities. And many may find that they feel a stronger connection to those in their class.

That’s because Jason Freskos knows that yoga should not be considered a single solution to any of these problems but should, instead, be considered a supplement or additional help. People with severe depression or even blood pressure issues (which yoga helps manage) should see a doctor, Freskos states. But they should also consider scheduling a yoga class with him in his facility.

Classes usually start with slow and controlled exercises that focus on strengthening and flexibility. Jason Freskos believes that these routines help calm the body and mind and prepare it for more stringent practices. Then, he slowly works his clients up to more rigorous routines and, as they improve their skills, begins adding more challenging poses that provide even more benefits for the body and mind.