Why owning flats in Thrissur is more beneficial than buying a house?

Why owning flats in Thrissur is more beneficial than buying a house?

Thrissur has long been touted as the next metropolitan hub of Kerala. It is already considered the state’s cultural capital. A rapidly growing urban economy and the development of Thrissur as an IT hub have resulted in a boom in the real estate industry. Builders in Thrissur have come up with projects in various parts of the city. Flats in Thrissur have become commonplace for people looking for a residential abode that is economical and functional.

A point of contention and doubt for many people when they consider buying apartments in Thrissur is whether they should invest their money in buying a house, or go ahead with buying a flat from a reputed builder in Thrissur. There are a lot of people who prefer the serenity that open spaces and a courtyard bring, and this is something that an apartment may not offer. This is especially true for people who have migrated from rural areas of Kerala and are used to lavish spaces in traditional houses. But in the current scenario, it is always advisable to invest in a flat in Thrissur instead of a house. Let’s take a look at why.

Flats are a better choice for short term movers – If you have migrated to Thrissur for a predefined period of time, then buying or renting out an apartment in Thrissur is almost always the more logical choice. Finding a plot of land with a residential house in Thrissur and going through the hassle of maintaining it can be avoided by opting for a compact and functional apartment that meets your requirements. If you end up buying a flat in Thrissur, you will be more likely to be able to rent out the flat in case you happen to move away from the city, as people tend to rent apartments as they are often more economical and convenient than houses.

Flats in Thrissur are better if you do not want to give up on accessibility – Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying an apartment in Thrissur instead of a house is that builders in Thrissur have developed several projects that are in close proximity to key areas of the city. An apartment project is always conceived at a location that is easily accessible to major landmarks, while the same cannot be said about a house. Residential homes are located relatively away from ultra-urban areas, while apartments can be built far enough from the city to filter out the noise of urban life but not so far as to affect accessibility. This is especially true for IT professionals and other working-class people as they can easily find an apartment to buy near their place of work. It becomes increasingly difficult to find a house so close to industrial or IT hubs in Thrissur.

Apartments generally offer better resale value – A house, once bought has to be maintained well. Yet it can be quite difficult to find the right buyer and get a decent resale value. Apartments projects have the added advantage that common maintenance is carried out by the apartment association with assistance from the builder itself. In theory, this means that apartments are better maintained and easier to retain value over time. Flats in Thrissur find takers quickly since there has been a significant influx of working professionals. Most of them prefer to find a residence close to the city landmarks but also ensure all basic amenities and a calm, relaxed atmosphere is maintained. Builders in Thrissur have innovated their projects to keep up with the architectural and location demands of recent times. Therefore, you are more likely to find an apartment that incorporates contemporary architecture and technology than a house. A house you have decided to buy in Thrissur could be several years old and from a long term viewpoint, it is advisable to go with an apartment.

People in favor of buying houses over apartments argue that houses provide better spatial facilities like parking, courtyard to play or relax. Renovation of old houses also may seem to have similar benefits. But apartment projects these days also come with dedicated parking areas, recreation, and walkways that make this argument redundant. An apartment in Thrissur is always the right choice.