Why Should You Upgrade to A Wi-Fi 6 Router

Why Should You Upgrade to A Wi-Fi 6 Router

Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11 ax is the newest iteration of Wi-Fi technology, promising a better overall experience compared to the current WiFi standard, the 802.11 ac.

For early adopters, heavy users and first-time router buyers, it makes total sense to get the latest equipment in order to future-proof your home or office and save money in the long run. If you’re still stuck on previous-gen standards then you may not be getting your internet connection’s full potential. Wifi 6 routers at Lookgadgets offer upgraded speed throughputs of up to 10Gbps, a huge jump from the max speed of current 802.11 ac routers at 3Gbps.

That’s not all. Wi-Fi 6 has been designed with multiple device usage in mind. It’s optimized in a way that you should be able to connect a lot of devices and get consistent network broadband without compromising internet quality. In short, Wifi 6 can handle multiple connected equipment and gadgets any time during the day.

One more reason to consider buying a Wifi 6 router is the expanded range, reduced connection dropouts even in crowded environments like apartments and better security, including the latest wireless encryption called WPA3. Wi-Fi 6 is also more efficient when it comes to waking up the connected devices. The TWT, or Target Wake Time feature estimates wake time for receiving and sending data, thus extending the lifespan of your mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and home devices such as video doorbells and CCTV cameras.

Wi-Fi 6 routers aren’t just shiny new equipment that harness the power of 802.11 ax. They distribute network bandwidth better than their predecessors, especially during peak moments, have longer ranges and come with battery optimization and security features as well. In today’s world when an individual has anywhere between 4 to 6 devices connected, this type of router will become essential.