Why you should consider a smart building platform

Why you should consider a smart building platform

With everything going smart, you might be wondering, ‘why not buildings?’

A smart building can have many useful benefits not just for its occupants but for the environment as well. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider a smart building platform.

Better Comfort

A smart building is a place where essential living conditions such as lighting, temperature and more are automated according to the occupants’ preferences.

Imagine a place where the lighting adjusts automatically throughout the day, and where the air conditioning knows exactly what temperature you like, all without having to make adjustments.

Greater Energy Efficiency

A smart building uses just enough energy to provide a comfortable and sustainable environment. There’s very little waste in terms of energy, since it won’t use electricity when it detects that there’s no one around.

The same goes for lighting, HVAC systems and similar factors. As a result, overall energy consumption and cost are reduced.

Important Data Gathered for Analytics

Smart buildings collect data in order to better understand the occupant, as well as make life easier and better for them. This data can be used in analytics and to provide insights, including just how much the operational costs are and if there’s anything that can be done to improve it.

Real-time data can also show what the lifespan of an important system is, e.g., a HVAC and provide insights as to whether it needs to be repaired or maintained.

Various Health Benefits

Lastly, smart buildings are healthy buildings in that they can improve the occupants’ quality of life. Sensors and equipment will be able to detect if there’s any impurities in the air and turn on machines that can get rid of them quickly. Estate owners and managers can get real-time insights as to what they can do to make the space safer, cleaner and more enjoyable.