William Cafarella Offers Tips on Running a Successful Car Dealership

William Cafarella Offers Tips on Running a Successful Car Dealership

William Cafarella has managed a car dealership for over twenty years. He is an extremely successful manager, and his employees not only respect him but they also enjoy working for him. Having a happy and motivated staff is an essential step in the process. He says if you treat your employees well, they will treat your customers well.

He is the perfect person to offer tips on running a successful car dealership. The first tip is one of the most important ones – always treat your customer with respect and kindness and like your friends. There are hundreds if not thousands of dealerships (depending on the size of your city) where a customer can go shopping for a vehicle. William Cafarella says if you’re lucky enough to be your dealership they choose, make sure you make them happy they will return for future sales and tell their family and friends about it. Word of mouth is and always will be the best type of advertising.

Never sell a customer a lemon. As a reputable car dealership, all your cars should be thoroughly inspected, and all repairs should be made before you put the car on the lot and put a price tag on it. When selling preowned vehicles, you want to make them run like a gem and shine like a diamond. Don’t raise the price above the market price!

William Cafarella says when selling a vehicle, you also need to sell the dealership, service department, and finance department. It’s not just about selling a car. The customer can get the same exact vehicle at any number of dealerships; some may even be less expensive, have fewer miles, etc. You must sell the whole package. If the customer leaves without buying a vehicle, chances are you will never see them again.

Run specials, for example, at the end of the summer start running fall and winter service specials get your customers and new customers thinking about getting on top of their cars’ needs before it’s too late. This shows that you care about your customers and their vehicles.

Always send reminder cards or texts when a routine oil change or another service is about to become due. Make sure you hire only expert certified technicians.

Your sales team and finance department employees need to be as knowledgeable as possible. Expert level is what you want in an employee. Your customers don’t want a stupid look when they ask a question – they want and expect a thorough answer and even suggestions if the question warrants one.

As a car dealership General Manager, the last thing you ever want to do is let your customer down in any way – from the moment they walk onto your sales lot, they should be greeted by a friendly salesperson and hover over while they look around, but the salesperson should be nearby to assist if it is necessary. William Cafarella’s tips on running a car dealership are golden – follow them to the letter for a successful car dealership of your own! William Cafarella currently runs and operates the number one Nissan dealership in the world! Coral Springs Nissan sells more Nissan’s than any other dealership on this universe as per results 2021 Nissan Auto Corporation year to date!