Your Home Clean-Up Checklist After Water Damage

Your Home Clean-Up Checklist After Water Damage

No one ever wants to experience floods in their homes. Handling water damage can be pretty stressful as it is cleaning up afterward. For this reason, you need a checklist to make this process a bit easier.

Depending on how severe the water damage is, your home can be more or less affected. But regardless of this severity, it is still of the utmost importance to act fast and prevent mold creation. And while you may want to start cleaning right away, it is of the utmost importance to first and foremost ensure your safety and that your house is hazard-free.

Before we jump into what you need to do after your house has suffered water damage and where to start cleaning first to make the entire process of house clean-up easier, it is crucial to discuss what to do when you notice your property – or one of your property’s rooms – has been flooded. Given that a flood can be highly destructive, no matter how severe the water damage is or how much it managed to extend, it is crucial to contact restoration specialists from reliable and reputable companies, such as Boca Raton Water Damage Restoration Services. They can inspect, assess and solve the issue effectively. This includes the removal of any fittings and fixtures that have been damaged as well as drying and cleanup and air remediation. This way, you can rest assured that your home, even though affected by the flood, is not affected by contaminants that can be found in water.

Therefore, after professional restoration specialists have completed the job successfully, you can begin the home clean-up necessary to bring your property back to its original state. An essential and noteworthy mention would be the fact that some aspects of the house may require remodeling or renovation if they are too damaged. But this is applicable in more extreme cases, and such changes must be done before you start cleaning the house.

This being said, if you were unfortunate enough to experience water damage in your home, you must take the time to clean the house rigorously after you have contacted professional restoration services. Here is a home clean-up checklist you should follow to make sure nothing gets overlooked, and your home will look in pristine condition once again:

1.    Ensure Your House Is a Safe Environment

At the top of your priority list should be safety. Indeed, it is understandable that you want to start cleaning immediately to eliminate all the damage and bring your home back to its comfortable and pleasing aesthetic. But before you take your cleaning gloves and get to work, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the risk of any potential hazards is eliminated.

This includes the following:

  • Ask an electrician to shut off the power so there is no electricity in the house or the room, depending on how much the flood has extended.
  • The gas must be shut off as well.
  • Make sure you wear rubber boots.
  • After the water damage specialists have completed the job, it is recommended to contact a professional electrician to check the house’s electrical system.
  • Make sure you have a first aid kit nearby before you start cleaning.

After water damage, any home clean-up checklist should start with making sure the environment is safe and hazard-free.

2.    Wear Personal Protective Gear

A flood is capable of causing significant property damage. After a team of professional water damage restoration specialists have assessed the issue and cleared most of the damage, you will be left with cleaning your home. This means using cleaning supplies with various chemicals that could be harmful if protective gear is not worn. So, don’t underestimate the importance of PPE.

Therefore, you should make sure you have a pair of waterproof gloves so that you can clean without causing any damage to your skin. In addition to this; you should also consider using a safety mask so that you don’t breathe in the air with humidity and the potent smell of the cleaning supplies.

3.    Sanitize The Affected Areas

Another essential aspect to consider when you begin your home clean-up checklist after the property has been affected by water damage is the disinfecting of the affected areas, household items and belongings. This being said, your main goal, apart from cleaning, is to sanitize everything that the flood has damaged.

As mentioned earlier, you may have to use cleaning products that contain chemicals, such as disinfectants, which is why you need to wear protective equipment. The reason why you need to use such products when you start cleaning after water damage is to eliminate and destroy any bacteria the flood may have brought.

Because flood water can contain microorganisms that could cause disease, you must sanitize the areas and products affected. Only this way can you stop their growth and have your home free of such hazards.

4.    Consider Renovating If the Damage Is Too Extended

Sometimes it takes a while to see the results of a flood, for example, if the water has reached under a carpet or certain household items and you don’t notice right away. Indeed, a thorough house inspection is necessary, but specific details can still be overlooked. For this reason, it is better to over-assess to make sure there are no hidden damages.

In case da water damage has reached household items or your hardwood floors, then it is necessary to replace them. In the unfortunate event of a flood, it is recommended to consider renovating and replacing damaged items instead of trying to repair them or using them in bad condition.

Apart from the fact that this can actually represent a more considerable expense in the future, it can also mean a potential hazard in your home. For instance, a buckled hardwood flooring due to a flood can cause trips and falls. Not to mention it can grow mold underneath. And in the event of a property flood, it is crucial to eliminate any risk of mold growth which can worsen the situation.