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Diversity Aboveground: Marvel’s Diversity Improving?

Marvel Studios has taken a lot of criticism that seems to increase with every year. It’s 2016 and still no Black Widow solo film. Doctor Strange, despite the box office numbers, did have boycotts. Black Panther is still 16 months away. Captain Marvel won’t premiere until over a year after that. Characters in the LGBTQUIA+

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FILM REVIEW: ‘Attack Of The Lederhosen Zombies’

Despite Lederhosen in the title. Attack Of the Lederhosen Zombies has redundance with its name giving only two zombies throughout the film that actually wear the German garment. But with that aside the movie is some of the best euro Zombie horror to be pumped out since films like Dead Snow and Dead Snow Vs Red

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Brianna Hildebrand Joins ‘DEADPOOL’ As Mutant Telepath Negasonic Teenage Warhead

The Hollywood Reporter has word that newcomer Brianna Hildebrand has joined the growing cast of Deadpool. While the film is currently in-production many more roles as said to be still being filled. The actress-model-singer hasn’t done much but will play mutant Ellie Phimister aka Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a telepath with precognitive abilities. Brianna joins Ryan Reynolds, T.J.

World-Building The ‘X-MEN’ Cinematic Universe: PART TWO

In Part One we talked about projects in production/in-development or on the table. Now I’m going to focus on projects that Fox could consider but haven’t really talked about in a major way. When it comes to the modern superhero genre, I’ve been shocked that Fox hasn’t given a female mutant their own feature film. It’s

World-Building The ‘X-MEN’ Cinematic Universe: PART ONE

All this talk of cinematic universes and we’ve seemingly overlooked the huge potential that Fox’s X-Men franchise holds. People keep talking about a crossover with Fantastic Four, but that seems such shortsighted compared to how big the X-Men character catalog actually is. We’ve only seen a glimpse of the scale the studio could go with the

Shared ‘Transformers’ Cinematic Universe Is Coming

The Transformers films directed by Micheal Bay has been one lucrative franchise. While most not being very good beside the first Transformer movie the films have been a smash hit at the box office. Now Paramount Pictures are going to head them into a shared cinematic universe. Headed by Batman & Robin scribe Akvia Goldsman

‘The Walking Dead’ Spin-off TV Show Finally Has A Name

Talk has been brewing on AMC’s upcoming spin-off of the widely successful Walking Dead TV Series. Comic creator and writer for the show Robert Kirkman has revealed that the name of the new series will be titled Fear The Walking Dead. Rumor is that the show takes place all the way in LA during the

Bond Is Back In The First Teaser Trailer For ‘Spectre’

A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE. The teaser is excellent and gives just the right amount away, hopefully people were