10 Jobs for You after High School Diploma

10 Jobs for You after High School Diploma

Every individual is born with a diverse and unique set of interests, skills, capabilities, and qualities, which make humans have exceptional and incomparable personalities. Schools play a dynamic role in helping you decide what might be the best possible option for your work and career if you wish to go for a work-life soon after receiving your high school diploma. The school can help you in choosing a job of your desire by providing you with career counseling and professional guidance and observations based on your past activities and interests in school.

According to one of the recent Educational Attainment stats conducted by the U.S Census Bureau, about 90% of adults aged 25 or more have completed their high school diploma, creating a historical moment for America. Graduating students might have different aims and goals in life, but one thing that remains mutual in a student’s life is a dream to pursue a career or job of your own choice that can enable you to enjoy the best work-life years in the long run. In this post, we would like to help you choose the profession of your liking by discussing the ten best jobs that you might want to pursue after you have attained a high school diploma. So let’s take a quick look at them each:

1.     Medical or Health Assistant:

The essential task of a medical assistant is to help in simple medical work. The functions for you may include taking phone calls, maintaining records, helping in administrative chores, concluding insurance forms. Health assistance certificate programs are available for specialization soon after high school graduation. The certificates help in building your knowledge about the core of healthcare and learn basic terms. If you want to pursue your career as a registered healthcare practitioner or a chiropractor, then you should look out for the American Association of Medical Assistants certification to achieve a specialized degree in a field that is believed to be growing at a fast rate of 23% annually as stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2.     Sales Workers and Representatives:

A good representative must have the ability to sell the products and services by upholding good business relations with the customers to guarantee sales soon. If you possess excellent communication skills and want to go for a sales worker and representative, then you should be acquainted with the following requirements:

  • In-depth product knowledge and comprehensive information regarding offered services
  • Exquisite time management skills
  • Vigorous listening skills
  • High self-confidence and proactive behavior
  • Adept knowledge to run computer programs and software

3.     Communication and Media Equipment Operators

In this profession, you will be required to set up and operate various types of equipment that deal with adjusting audio, video, and other media-related functions. Hence if you are a person who wants to work on the set of a motion picture or video industry that all you need is to apply for a high school diploma online, and you can end up earning an average annual wage of $70,590. While film work is not expected to be consistent throughout the year, you can join international alliances or theatrical stage productions for a more consistent line of work. 

4.     Electrical Repair Manager and Technician

Your primary duties revolve around repairing hardware and wired cables that may include power or distribution systems, inspecting electrical components like circuit breakers or transformers, identifying problems within devices, and the list goes on. Electrical power-line installers and repair workers earn an average of $70,910 per year. The low education barrier makes this a highly approachable profession.

5.     Petroleum Refining Operators

While the job description of petroleum pump system operator may read as something like gauging or testing oil in storage tanks or regulating the flow of oil into pipelines. Most of your time at work is spent signaling other workers through proper communication channels, open and close valves, make temperature readings, and carry out various other predefined regulations. A petroleum system operator can earn, on average $70,860 annually.

6.     Transportation and Distribution Managers

The name itself implies that a manager under this professional title operates within the logistic side of the business. Main tasks focus on carrying out transportation-related activities and managing other related tasks. Surprisingly transportation and distribution managers can earn as high as $86,500 a year, which makes it the highest for any salary based job, which does not require you to have any other formal education apart from your high school.

7.     Railway Police or Patrol Police

Talking about less risk involvement jobs, railway or transit police jobs can pay you an average of $74,030 every year. Your daily activities on the job may involve you patrolling railroad cars, stations, and yards along with other facilities to ensure that everything is working in proper order and that all equipment is maintained in a pristine manner. You might also be required to verify passengers and identify the credentials of people that are making an entry into a secured area.

8.     Mailman Services

This one, in particular, goes by a wide array of other titles as well that include mail carrier, postal carrier, letter carrier, and others. As an employee, your primary duties center on working for a post office or a courier service. You will deliver mail and parcels to people’s residences. It is perhaps one of the best professions on our list you like spending time outside; however, beware this profession needs you to be fit and healthy as at times it can become very demanding physically.

9.     Plumbers and Maintenance Workers

While this may not attract everyone out there; however, it is a fact that plumbers have a high earning potential. The steps to becoming a professional plumber are quite simple. All you need is your high school diploma and then take some vocational plumbing courses. Follow this up with a plumbing apprenticeship program, and then all that is left is to get your practicing license. However the way you execute your career can offer you a wide range of annual salaries that can be as low as $46,660 to as high as $79,000 in a year.

10.  Security Guards

You can begin your career as a security guard as soon as you get your GED or high school diploma. Most of the training is offered to you on the job so that you learn while you serve. Mostly your responsibilities will include protecting properties and preventing unwanted actions as well as monitoring criminal acts. Opportunities are available for you from both the government and the private sector. States that pay high wages for security guards include Alaska and the District of Columbia. 

Well, that is it for our list of the top 10 jobs that you can pursue right after your high school diploma. For more questions and queries regarding the topic, please feel free to let us know your feedback in the comment section below.