12 Tried and Tested Tips for Selling Your RV

12 Tried and Tested Tips for Selling Your RV

The most challenging aspect of selling your RV is that you are losing a ‘home’ that you created lots of memories in. However, between showing, listing, pricing, and preparing it for sale – not to talk about the exhausting time it might take to get the perfect buyer – this can be a very stressful process. But some things can be done to make the process a lot easier.

Find the dos and don’ts if selling RVs below:

1. Start One or Two Months Before Summer Camping Season

If you discuss with RV dealerships across town, they will tell you that their busiest period is the spring season. The same goes for individual dealers. Jackson Becky, a Montana-based RV owner, sold two RVs during this period. Usually between April & May. “My experience has taught me that this period is when RV purchasers get severe RV fever,” says Becky. She sold the two RVs for her price because that’s the period demand for RVs becomes high. Even if you wish to sell your RV before the spring, you can begin with the other steps below. This makes you ready when it’s time to sell.

2. Deep Clean and Depersonalise

The perfect advice for persons selling their RVs is to clean them and take out every personal belonging. Once everything that signifies that the RV has been used is removed, give the RV a thorough wash and deep clean.

Everything in the RV should be taken care of, including things that seem inconsequential. You need to also repair every broken part in the RV. A broken cabinet or a slightly broken screen can give the buyer some advantages, which can be a deal-breaker.

3. Service it

Service your RV, even if the last servicing was done a few months back. If it still has a perfect engine, ensure you service it before listing it. In the listing, inform buyers that the RV was recently serviced.

4. Design and Decorate it like your Home

When dealers purchase campers, they come poorly designed. So, you need to buy posh rigs, beautiful throw pillows or shower curtains. These make the RV appealing and can increase your stocks when selling. So, when a purchaser commends you for the design, inform him that the decoration comes with the RV if bought.

5. Make it Seem Bigger

Many RVs have smaller spaces, so consider giving them a light decoration to make your RV look big. This creates the illusion that it is spacious and larger or perhaps adding furniture’s that can serve multipurpose for sitting and storing your camping materials. Check here to learn more about camper trailer storage ideas

6. Take high-quality Pictures in Campgrounds.

The tight spaces of RVs make them had to capture on camera. That’s why you need a professional photographer or, better still, learn photoshop and give your car the best shot; good evening bought to increase its value.

7. Price it Subjectively

Fix the price you want to sell the camper subjectively. You can use NADAguides to know the market price.

8. Describe its Flaws and Unique Selling Points

It’s a good idea to price your camper and also look for similar alternatives. And as you do this, ensure that you take note of the things your camper has that other RVs don’t. Buyers love honest dealers and their efforts at detailed listing.

9. Explain the Functionality

Nobody knows your camper the way you do, so explain in detail its functionality.

10. Include the Original Paperwork

Including all the original paperwork and sales, stickers help a lot when selling your RV.

11. Bring it to Potential Buyers.

Drive the camper everywhere you go as a form of advert.

12. Have it ready for RVing

Get it ready for the potential buyer’s immediate use.