3 Factors to Look Into When Buying a Led Product

3 Factors to Look Into When Buying a Led Product

Led lights are one of those things that are replacing incandescent lights faster than we can compare them. Today almost all households in the world have started using led lights in their homes for many reasons, be it energy efficiency or mainly for the look, led light is starting to be used in almost every way possible all you have to do is know what you need to buy to fulfill your needs. Today we are going to be sharing with you 4 essential things that you should look into when buying a led product, so without further ado, let’s get started.


One of the first things that you need to consider when buying any sort of electricity is the wattage that it uses. It is a common fact that led lights are much more energy-efficient than their counterparts. This also means that led lights are something that you have to consider when looking for an energy-efficient product.

The only thing that you have to understand is that led lights have a significantly higher output than its counterpart. This basically means that if you are looking for a replacement for a 40w bulb than you will not need to get a 40w led light, you can easily get the same amount of light from a 12w bulb.

Now there are many types of led products that are available in the market today and one of the main things that you have to consider is what power are they rated to, for example, some led lights need 124v or 220v to be able to run properly whereas some led strips can be run from a standard 5-volt adapter. You have to know the wattage and the volt requirements of the product beforehand so that you can choose a product efficiently.


The next thing that you have to know is the luminosity of the led light. As you know led lights come in a variety of sizes and colors and their luminosity depends on the fact that what they are designed to do. Some led lights that can emit multiple colors do not have that great emitting power, but they make up for it by emitting multiple colors. Some led lights that are only a single color for example, white or yellow can emit far more than their incandescent counterparts. So when you are going to buy a led light, keep in mind that the led light that you are going to buy will be of much less power and the same luminosity as its counterpart.

Working Hours

The one thing that you have to understand is that each led light is going to have a specific working time, this means that a led light is only going to last for a specific time after that, the efficiency is only going to decrease. But we know that every one of them led working light is also going to last longer than all these regular working lights. Saving a lot of money in the process.

There are different brands of lights that you can buy today and each of these brands is going to last differently. So if you are making an investment that is substantially big that you are going to have to ensure that every one of those lights is going to last as long as the manufacture recommends it. P.S. they have warranties for each light so if they go bad before their time, you can always get it fixed or repaired.