3 reasons to start playing online games

3 reasons to start playing online games

According to ComScore data 2019, around 700 Million people are playing online games which are estimated to reach 900 Million in 2022. Google’s play store has 600,000 registered apps and games the same as the Apple store has, and these games are played by 1.2 billion people around the world in their daily routines. This number is keep clicking as the world is moving towards a technological revolution. 

In the current situation of COVID-19, around 50% of adults in the United States ages between 18-34 are playing video games. Every person on this planet is addicted to something. And that something is impacting their lives silently but effectively. For instance, a few of us are addicted to playing Agen poker online games which is enhancing their abilities in problem-solving. As a digital marketer, it helps them to see the creativity and opportunity to think about life in a positive and challenging way.

Benefits of Online Gaming

Playing online games is not only helpful for children but adults as well. The character of your kids is built up by their surroundings. It’ll help your kids to spend their quality time at home in front of your eyes. In this way, you can protect your teens from indulging in bad habits. Let’s see what other benefits one can get by playing games.

Focus and concentration

When you start playing games, you don’t care about anything except that game. Your surroundings become your universe where you’re struggling to protect your planet from the evils. You’ll also feel no back pain and tiredness while dealing with your rivals. Thus online gaming will help you to focus and concentrate on a task at a time.

Way of learning

As a parent of a newborn baby, you can use different gaming apps to enhance your kids’ learning ability. An average kid between the age of 18 months to 2 years can learn up to 50 words a day. This means your baby can learn hundreds of words at home by playing games before going to school. 

Enhance social skills

The gaming apps can enhance your kid’s social skills significantly. The first duty as a parent you perform for your kids is to teach them how to interact with people. Everyone wants to teach their kids good manners and effective communication skills that will be an integral part of their social and professional lives. Different gaming apps will assist you in this process. 


By wrapping it up, one can have as many benefits by playing online games as from other activities. You can quickly join the 1.2 billion people club by installing a game of your interest. Playing an online game is an important activity that has a direct impact on your productivity and performance at schools, universities, and even at the jobs. Try to add one game in your vault and start playing whenever you feels anxious.