4 Dog Characteristics Making Them Man’s Best Friend

4 Dog Characteristics Making Them Man's Best Friend

A dog is man’s best friend. This statement is one of the oldest things you will hear from people around you. It has been said like this for centuries. There are very many reasons for that. Dogs are extremely cherished. Even people that do not like to keep pets have been turned into dog lovers in just a few days.

Here is why:

1. Loyalty

Dogs are some of the loyal animals you will find. They don’t even need your commitment to be loyal to you. You can hate them and mistreat them but when they haven’t seen you for a few days they will be standing by the nearest window watching and waiting for you to return home.

They don’t need a ring or some conditional phrase to say they will be with you till death; they just do it.

2. Commitment to love

Now, let’s look at it this way. Some people will decline to show love to particular races, tribes, colours, etc. A dog would never. It will love you whether you are black, jewish, arab, white, brown, green or whatever. Dogs unconditionally love you despite the differences. 

There have been several shows where we see dogs loving their mentally distrubed owners, or disabled owners. We used to have a disabled neighbour who owned a dog and in the evening, he would pick his best dog harness to stop pulling, get on his wheelchair and take the dog for a walk. And the dog would keep licking his face every other second. This kind of love between the dog and the owner is a show of why dogs are the best.

3. Contentment

Dogs exhibit the biggest form of contentment you will ever see. Human beings are known to never be content. They always worry whether they look fat or too thin, or whether their car and house are the best or not.

On the contrary, dogs don’t care. They don’t worry about having a long tail or a short one. Or if they are too small as compared to bigger dogs. Dogs are happy in whichever form they were created. Provided they are washed with the best dog shampoo for shedding and they smell nice, that is all they care about; to be clean and cared for.

In fact the only time you ever see a dog stressed up is simply because they have not been cleaned or taken to a vet for checkup and they are killing themselves trying to scratch their skin or chew their own paws. To be a great human being to your dog, care for it.

4. Selflessness

Have you ever wondered why a dog would rather be shot dead than allow an enemy to get close to you or your family? Forget about dogs that have been trained as security dogs. Those ones have more powerful territorial instincts. Let’s talk about home dogs which just play around.

They are only friendly until they see an enemy or stranger. They will fight to protect your family even when it is a really huge snake that just showed up in your backyard. Even when the dog does not stand a chance, he or she will die before they let you be harmed. This is a level of selflessness that most human beings cannot match.

These 4 powerful and inspiring characteristics of dogs have made them a man’s best friend for many years. And it will remain that way for centuries to come.