4 Traits Every Pet Hotel Staff Member Should Have

4 Traits Every Pet Hotel Staff Member Should Have

Let’s say that you have chosen to leave your pet while you go on a career-changing business trip. This will be the first time you separate from your beloved friend, so you want to be sure that your pet will be in the right hands.

Besides choosing a pet hotel that best suits your dog’s needs and your budget, you should ensure that the staff is highly skilled and ready to go above and beyond for your pet. Reputable and reliable pet hotels like K9 Country Club select friendly, professional, and highly skilled staff to take care of and engage with their four-legged clients.

If you wonder what traits you should look for in pet hotel staff members here are 5 significant characteristics of an excellent pet center employee.

They Need to Be Compassionate

Separation is always a stressful experience for every dog. They may feel abandoned, lonely and scared. So you would want compassionate and loving people to greet and comfort them. You may think that love and compassion for furry friends must be a precondition for working in pet hotels, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

So besides paying attention to the range of services different pet centers offer, You should focus on the way their employees treat dogs. If you want to see the pet hotel staff at work, you should take a tour around specific pet centers before you finally decide.

They Should Be Trustworthy

When you choose the right place to leave your pet for a while, it’s essential that you can build a trustworthy relationship with some employees. You need to make sure that your pet will feel safe, happy, and healthy while you’re not by their side.

Luckily, you can find valuable information about different pet centers online. You can search for referrals or customer reviews before you choose the pet boarding complex that best suits you.

Excellent Employees are Flexible

Pet center employees need to adjust their behavior to dogs’ temper and needs. Those who successfully read pets’ body language and adjust to their actions and needs will make pets relaxed. In this way, they may help your dog adapt to a changing environment making the entire separation process less overwhelming for your dog.

So when choosing the perfect dog boarding center, observe closely whether staff members foster flexible or rigid behavior and judge from that.

They are Effective Communicators

People working in positions filled with interactions with other human beings, people, and pets alike need to have excellent communication skills. This becomes even more important for people working with pets. Dogs can’t speak but they can feel and understand perfectly when someone isn’t treating them right.

And if you’re paying for top-notch service, you would want employees to treat your pet the same way you treat them. This doesn’t mean that every pet hotel employee needs to be a dog whisperer, but they need to be able to decipher what pets need and treat them kindly.