4 Ways SEO Can Boost Your Position on Google

4 Ways SEO Can Boost Your Position on Google

There are a number of benefits of an SEO campaign. Not only does it help you target quality traffic, but it can help to boost your brands PR efforts and more, too. We’re taking a closer way at how else SEO can boost your position on Google, below!

1. Better User Experience

There a number of different ways that you can improve your website and maximise user experience and providing your target audience with high-quality, relevant information is just one way you can boost your sites SEO. This includes any related photos or videos to support the text. By combining all these elements, user experience will improve. Over time, this will lead to more clicks, leads and a higher conversion rate – which is exactly what Google and other search engines are looking for!

2. Build Brand Credibility

One of the best things about SEO is that it helps to build up brand credibility. Essentially, if your site is ranking third, second or even third in the results pages, your target audience and existing customers will believe that you are one of the top brands in the industry. It can also showcase your popularity and suggested that a number of people have searched for your brand name beforehand.

On the flip side, if your site is at the bottom of the search engine results, customers may believe that you are not yet well known or have recently entered the industry which then may impact your bottom line as a result.

3. Better Brand Awareness

In addition to helping you to build strong brand credibility, an SEO campaign can also lead to greater brand awareness. This is to the extent to which your target audience or target customer recognises your brand and is familiar with your product or service. Essentially, an SEO campaign can help to ensure that your offering is found by a search engine such as Google easily. As you begin to climb the rankings, more and more users will be exposed to your brand and website. From a results perspective, greater online brand awareness leads to a higher tendency for your site to be visited.

4. Mobile-Friendliness

In addition to helping you build brand credibility and generating better brand awareness, an SEO campaign can also ensure the mobile-friendliness aspect of your website. As a result, the user experience and navigation of your website will increase. Tips to making your website mobile-friendly include ensuring it’s responsive, making key information readers look for easy to find, making sure each button is large enough to work on mobile and compressing your images.

SEO can benefit your brand in a number of ways, not least helping you to climb to the top of Google or any other search engine for that matter. If you haven’t already begun to implement your search engine optimisation strategy for 2020, we highly suggest that you do!