5 Reasons to Use the Online Whiteboard as a Collaboration Tool for Meetings

5 Reasons to Use the Online Whiteboard as a Collaboration Tool for Meetings

Smooth and effective teamwork is the core of every successful business and project. Thanks to innovative technologies for interacting and working via the internet, nowadays team meetings can easily happen in a virtual environment without the limitations of time and location. The online whiteboard is becoming one of the most powerful easy-to-use collaboration tools for virtual meetings. This tool can greatly facilitate more productive and engaging teamwork, especially considering the challenges that many companies face in a situation of forced remote working.

How to make the best of virtual meetings?

What are the 5 main reasons that make the online whiteboard a great collaboration tool for achieving more efficient teamwork within companies?

1.Easy to use from multiple devices and locations

The online whiteboard brings the team to one platform allowing the team members to work and interact together in real time during the meeting sessions. Many of the virtual boards use cloud technology, which means that no additional software or hardware is required. They are accessible from different devices including desktops, tablets, and even smartphones. The team members don’t need additional training on how to use the online whiteboard. They can easily join the meeting sessions online from any location and device that has a reliable internet connection. This easy access to the online whiteboard improves communication within the team because of the capability for real-time interaction for sharing content and ideas.

2. Allows creating and sharing of various types of content

One of the reasons virtual meetings are more engaging than regular face-to-face meetings is because of the capability to create presentations on the online whiteboard including various types of content – from images to videos, audio, texts, etc. It becomes a tool for presenting, as well as for creating content in real time. All the participants can contribute to the topic or the project by sharing their ideas in the form of text, drawings, diagrams, images, etc. The online whiteboard provides a limitless white canvas where everyone from the team can participate in the discussions and contribute to the task by adding files, doodling, writing, editing, etc.

3. Provides an inviting virtual environment for different types of meetings

The online whiteboard is a great collaboration tool for different types of meetings – from one-on-one sessions to working on group projects and organizing trainings. It is the perfect environment for every type of meeting including discussions, brainstorming, working on issues, presentations, etc. The online whiteboard affords multiple users the opportunity to work together in real time thus boosting their engagement and encouraging even the more introverted participants to be proactive in contributing to the content.

The online whiteboard is also an excellent tool for organizing virtual teambuilding activities and experiences such as games, puzzles, competitions, challenges, and much more.

4. Brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming sessions are an amazing platform for bringing new ideas and perspectives to projects. They work great as a stimulating and fun team building activity as well. The limitless white canvas of the online whiteboard is the perfect foundation for a fulfilling brainstorming session. With just one click of the mouse, the participants in the meeting have at their disposal an abundance of features allowing them to draw, write, and share files in order to fully participate in the discussions. The brainstorming sessions boost the creativity of the team and bring innovative ideas that challenge the critical thinking of the participants.

5. Provides instant feedbacks and new perspectives

One of the main advantages of the online whiteboard is that the whole team can work together on a project, task, or issue, which results in more productive team meetings. When combined with videoconferencing, the virtual whiteboard becomes the perfect environment for developing ideas and concepts. Every participant in the meeting can bring new perspectives and give immediate feedback on the presented ideas. The online whiteboard makes it easier to follow the development of concepts and ideas. The participants can take notes and screenshots of the progress for future reference.

The online whiteboard is a modern tool that creates an engaging environment for collaboration during meetings for better productivity, creativity, and communication. Virtual meetings that use the whiteboard even for simple sessions are proven to be more engaging and productive in comparison to the old-school meetings featuring a presenter and an audience.