5 Things To Look For in a Web Development Company and 5 To Avoid

5 Things To Look For in a Web Development Company and 5 To Avoid

You have your business up and running, and now you need to get the word out with a website or app. How should you do it? You know you will need to find either a web development company or a software development company, but knowing what to look for in a service provider can be tough. Before making a decision, consider these five things

1. Work Experience

How much experience does the company you are thinking about have? When it comes to building a website, you will come across many people and places that claim to know what they are doing. The fact is, this is not always the case. Look for companies that have been in the industry for years and can provide expert knowledge that is comprehensive. 

2. Solid Portfolio

Along the same lines, ask for a portfolio. Any reputable web or software developer will have examples of previous work to share with you. If you need search engine optimization or e-commerce functionality, check to see if the web development company you are looking at has done anything like that in the past.

3. Effective Team

Creating a website can take a lot of work. Do you plan on working with one individual? Typically, the best companies have teams with multiple people who bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table.

4. Reliable References

Alongside previous work, you should also ask about references. Is there anyone who can back up the company’s promises? Customer testimonials (or the lack of them) can sometimes say everything. 

5. Reasonable Costs

While it is important to find a service provider that is within your budget, you should note that the word “reasonable” does not necessarily mean “cheap.” Expect to pay more if you have a bigger project, but shop around to make sure they are not overcharging you.

On the other hand, there are also things to avoid if you want to find the best web or software development company for your business. If you encounter any of the following, you may want to reconsider your options.

1. Super Low Rates

Just as you should compare costs to avoid paying too much, you should also be wary of extremely low rates. In the world of web design, you usually get what you pay for. 

2. Full Payment Up Front

Another cost-related red flag to look out for is if a developer asks for full payment up front. You can expect a legitimate web development company to ask for an initial deposit, but never hand over full payment before they complete the work.

3. Too Much Tech-Speak

What did you just say? One issue some web developers have is that they are good at speaking in technicalities but not so good with everyday communication. Make sure the company you hire has experience with customer-facing services and using language that will not scare non-tech visitors away. 

4. No Content Management System

If the company you are looking at does not use a CMS platform like WordPress or SharePoint, walk away. Otherwise, any updates you need in the future will require the ongoing assistance of the web developer. 

5. Non-responsive Design 

Take a look around you. How many people are using smartphones and tablets? Today, these are two of the most popular ways to connect online. For this reason, it is essential to have a website with a responsive design. If visitors cannot read your content from their mobile devices, it is unlikely they will stay on the page for long. 

Finding a great web or software development company can be a challenge if you do not know what to look for, but following these tips can help make it easier. By doing your research, you can rest easy knowing you chose the right service provider for the job.