Athens Ramseyer Establishes New Divisions within Sciential: Hollywood Celebrity PR and Secret Stairway Productions

Athens Ramseyer Establishes New Divisions within Sciential

Athens Ramseyer hasn’t even turned thirty, but he is already internationally known for his strategic initiatives that have led to multiple seven-figure companies and, even more recently,  eight-figure companies like, Blue Flame Medica, Decor Steals, and Covid Check Today. Athens co-founded Healthy YOU and Trade-In Tech, an Inc. 500 list honoree, and Sciential, his neuromarketing agency right out of college.

Sciential’s PR Firm Hollywood Celebrity

Because of Sciential’s success in marketing within various industries, the company has branched out to separate its PR division from its other brands. Athens Ramseyer has an incredible track record in marketing and PR. But to better align his client’s goals with his company’s services, he decided to define a new division within the company, Hollywood Celebrity PR. There are a plethora of services offered under this umbrella related to brand partnerships, brand ambassadors, celebrity collaborations, and influencer activation to get the right people talking about your brand. The top-tier publications offered include Forbes, Bloomberg, and USA Today, just to name a few.

The firm works with professionals in the entertainment industry such as film, television, sports, business, and more, offering first-class celebrity public relations to ensure your public image remains positive. Celebrity PR designs custom PR campaigns to publicize your best work. The company collaborates with you to project a positive image through various forms of media, both traditional and contemporary. They are combining innovative, strategic, commercial, and legal skills with their knowledge of the current pop culture landscape and marketing to expand your brand and business in unique ways. The firm works to increase sales, loyalty, and brand equity while connecting your brand identity with other notable names in the minds of consumers. Hollywood Celebrity PR also offers celebrity endorsements for your product/services from the A-list talent Athens has worked with over the years.

Clinical Researched backs Sciential’s Neuromarketing Methods

Sciential’s success can be attributed to Ramseyer’s education in psychology and his knowledge of neuromarketing or consumer neuroscience. Many studies have shown this is a valuable tool for marketers. However, the efficacy of these methods is only viable when they are backed by clinical research. Some agencies claim they can deliver this level of marketing, but very few can claim they are supported by clinical research. Sciential is backing its marketing strategies with clinical research to capitalize on the intrinsic value of partnerships and brands. Marketers already implore various techniques to get inside the mind of consumers, so to continue using medical research and brain scans is a sure-fire way to reach deep inside the minds of consumers.

Next month, Sciential’s research will be featured in Frontiers in Neuroscience and include the blueprint Sciential created to produce chemically driven shortcuts to brands and habit-forming products. These studies explore consumer response to marketing stimuli by using techniques such as EEG (electroencephalogram) brain sensors, fMRI brain imaging, and galvanic skin response (measuring stress responses through changes in skin moisture).

Sciential is Creating a Marketing Tool

Sciential is now creating a tool that the average joe can use. Anyone looking to narrow the “say” versus “do” gap, the divide between what people say they feel and how they really feel, can now have this as their secret weapon. Athens explains that describing brain behavior in a laboratory setting is our best bet by looking under the hood at how our neural responses fire off when each of these actions conspires.

Neuroscience research on music’s effect on our brain is closely linked to its impact on us psychologically. The type of music you hear, images you see, and specific phrasing can significantly determine your attitudes and emotions. So, imagine having a script stacked with words and phrases when orchestrated in the right manner, in the right tone, pitch, and speed, paired with the appropriate imagery supplied to you and your business model.

Sciential’s clinical research studies have been based on this and can back it up in real-time for you with their emotion tracking software. According to Athens, the need for each of us to wear a social mask that conceals our true yet more vulnerable selves is quickly becoming obsolete.

Sciential’s Film Production Company

Secret Stairway is Athen’s film production company, a newly-established division within Sciential. A Reservation, was the first film the company worked on but shortly thereafter had to immediately exit due to alcohol abuse, bigotry and violent threats to team members from the director Paul Jay Wilson.

The new film, River Styx, was produced with the assistance of neuroscientists, psychologists, and doctorates in their prospective fields to help creatively develop characters for a more real-life experience than ever.