Bangladesh is moving forward in information technology

Bangladesh is moving forward in information technology

Bangladesh is fast advancing in the IT sector. This change is coming with various government initiatives as well as various initiatives and efforts of the youth.

With their hands, the use of smartphones and Internet in the country is increasing. This is changing rapidly in different sectors of the country.

Recently, BCG Senior Partner and Global Leader for Digital Government of Armenia, Miguel Carrasco said technology creates jobs. In the next day, 10 percent of the work done will be computer programming, 20 percent will be technology. People need only 70 percent for the rest.

Bangladesh’s improvement in information technology has already come from all over the world.

James Pozants, Secretary General of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), said that Bangladesh is doing well in information technology and is giving enough importance to WITSA to Dhaka for the World Conference.

There are Bangladesh Vision 2021, through which ICT is moving forward. Leadership is the key to success in any country. Bangladesh has it.

It is becoming clear that Bangladesh is moving forward in the development of information technology. Bangladesh was ranked first in the Global Service Location Index (GSLI), the global first-row management consulting firm AT Carney, in the 21st.

Bangladesh is ranked 32th out of 50 countries in the list of countries. The wonderful advancement in technology in the country has been visible for over a decade.

In the meantime, some of the largest satellite receivers, including Bangladesh’s first satellite, have taken Bangladesh to other heights. Bangladesh has earned itself a respectable place in the technology world. The biggest surprise is the launch of ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

The concept of digital Bangladesh, bd tour in the country, has shown a great impact on people’s lives. The big change has come with the launch of ride sharing services like Uber-Pathao.

As employment has increased in this regard, many have the benefit of transportation. Smartphone users have grown into new entrepreneurs.

State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed said, “Currently, the information and communications technology (ICT) sector in the country is about $ 1 million. By 2021, the goal is to pass $500 million of this income. We are decentralizing technology. For this, there are 28 hi-tech parks across the country.”