Benefits of Indoor Using an Indoor HVIsolator Switch

Benefits of Indoor Using an Indoor HVIsolator Switch

Are you in the market to purchase an indoor high voltage isolator switch or are you reworking the wiring in your house? Whatever it may be, before proceeding with the electrical work on your home, especially if you are like me and prefer doing it yourself. It is best to know what an indoor HV isolator switch is and why you need it.

Indoor HV Isolating Switch

On a general basis, High voltage isolator switch is used in limiting the amount of power that is directed to a particular apparatus. In terms of circuit breakers and transformers, high voltage isolator switches are used mostly in electrical substations and power grids to isolate the power that’ll moves within them. It does not necessarily control the power that is directed to the breakers or transformers. The switches only safely isolate the power. Indoor isolating switches are utilized mainly in homes and buildings that do not make use of the same amount of power as electrical substations. These indoor HV isolating switches can be used to disconnect or redirect current in areas that require repairs. The switches are meant to isolate power sources from electric circuits. Once a power isolator switch is in use, power can only be reinstalled by turning the switch. It has a limited interruption rate.

Why do you need an Indoor HV Isolator Switch?

  • It prevents damage of electrical circuits: in cases where there is a power surge or distortion of normally allocated power like during a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane, having an HV isolator switch is beneficial. When the winds become high and power stability is no longer certain, it is ideal to turn on the indoor HV switch at the circuit breaker point and prevent damage to the breaker
  • It is necessary to safely perform repairs on damaged sections of an electrical circuit: whenever there is damage to a particular section of an electrical circuit that has current passing through it, a power isolator switch cuts off current going to that damaged section. Repairs can often be risky, especially repairs requiring electricity. For the safety of the remaining electrical apparatus connected to a circuit and the safety of whoever is repairing said circuit, isolating the current is safe. After all, it is best to be safe rather than sorry.
  • It limits the load on a circuit: use of an HV Isolator switch reduces the load on a circuit. It also makes the circuit operate under no-load but work with voltage.

Types of Indoor HV Isolating Switches                                                 

Depending on what it is you require for use there are four known types of isolating switches and these are the; single break isolator, double break isolator, pantograph, MCB Isolator. Anyone of these isolating switches can operate in an indoor setting and provide the safety your electrical circuits need.

The key essence of an indoor HV Isolator switch is for safety. As it goes with anything electrical, there is always a potential risk of one’s safety and this is why you need an Indoor HV Isolator switch. It does not just suffice to own a power isolator switch for safety purposes, we also have to keep in mindful the type and brand when looking to buy Isolator switch. The market is filled with several inferior HV isolator switches, so if you care about safety, affordability, and reliability, choose Sihui’s High Voltage switch. For all my time in the market for indoor isolating switches, I have never purchased a switch that has not been worth every penny spent. They provide high quality isolating switches which offer longevity and efficient performance. Sihui’s high voltage switches are one of the best isolator switch manufacturers that I have come across.

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