Best Sports Games of 2021

Best Sports Games of 2021

It’s a safe bet to say that sports fans play video games, and with the pandemic raging there’s no better time than now to pick a game controller up and show your team how to play offense.

Here are 4 of the best sports games of 2021.


UFABET is technically a sports betting game but it falls in the same sports genre. Once you learn the ropes you can enjoy a round or two and win some money on the side (if you’re lucky).

For those who’ve tried it and liked it, you could be wondering, ‘what is the best bet in UFABET?‘ There are many strategies you can take to win, and over time you can learn to predict the outcomes for a higher likelihood of taking home the jackpot.

Rocket League

Rocket League is a game of English football where the players are replaced by cars. It’s a superbly popular title that has showed up in the e-sports scene and is being enjoyed the whole world over.

The fast-paced gameplay will attract those who want to feel the rush, while upgrades and lootboxes will make gamers spend inordinate amounts of hours trying to master the game. There’s nothing like shouting ‘Goal!!!’ after a successful toss to the net.

PES 2020

PES, or Pro Evolution Soccer is a game for die-hard fans of soccer. It offers a truly authentic experience and translates well to the digital screen.

A football sim through and through, PES 2020 contains all professional football teams and stadiums in glorious 3D. Player animations and controls are responsive and adds to overall realism.

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces is an arcadey tennis game featuring Mario and friends. It’s easy to learn but there’s enough features to make it a competitive game played among friends. You can play using the Joy-Con buttons or swing it to swing the racket.