Boost Your SEO Strategy With These 5 Tips

Boost Your SEO Strategy With These 5 Tips

As a business owner, you must remain aware of technology changes and enhancements, especially relating to your Search Engine Optimization Strategy. Using SEO has expanded beyond simply creating materials that include specific keywords. New technology allows search engines to provide a customized experience for their users. Here are a few ways to elevate your SEO strategy.

Stay Local

Search engines are reporting that an increasing number of users do not select anything on a Search Engine Results Page. Users spend more time searching for local resources, as opposed to global articles. For example, someone may look for, “Bed and Breakfast vacation on the west coast,” as opposed to a more general search. Be sure to activate, update, and monitor your Google Business page. Customers find you easier and offer timely reviews about your company.

Create Snippets

Google is increasing the number of Featured Snippets – short bursts of information designed to answer a query. Articles identified as Featured Snippets have about a 10% click-through rate. Create content that is likely to be recognized by Google. Some common characteristics include:

  • Provide answers to commonly asked questions in concise statements.
  • Include visual graphics that deliver information.
  • Create easy-to-read text with answers to questions.
  • Develop content for queries without Featured Snippets.

Restructure Your Website

Websites are now rated based on how mobile-friendly they are. Smart marketing managers redesign their websites to reflect the growing trend of mobile-accessed information. With this simple update, you can increase your ranking on the SERP. For example, when designing a vacation destination website, make sure the layout is organized, response time is optimized, and pop-up ads are limited.

Think Out Loud

Voice searching will soon dominate how we search for information. You will need to consider keywords and phrases based on the way we talk, as opposed to how we type. Searches are in the form of complete questions, not short phrases. For example, people are likely to voice search a phrase such as, “What is the best national park to visit on the West Coast?” as opposed to, “West coast national parks.”

Be Reliable

Customers often take to the internet to learn something. Create content that your customer finds beneficial. Articles, videos, and social media posts should be informative, entertaining, and accurate. Don’t forget to add internal links on your website to keep customers looking for more information. For example, a snow skiing resort may post an article about ski safety on the mountain and include links to their skiing lessons page.

Incorporating these strategies helps you build relationships with customers before your competition. Reaching these customers will increase your online reputation and, ultimately, your sales.