Comparison of Normal Landscape Light and Solar Landscape Light

Comparison of Normal Landscape Light and Solar Landscape Light

What is a landscape light?

Landscape lamps refer to low lamps arranged on one side or both sides of roads in public places such as urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyard corridors, lawns, and other public places. The city scenery can be dotted during the day, and it can provide the necessary lighting and convenience for life at night, increase the sense of security of the residents, and highlight the highlights of the city and interpret the beautiful style.

What is a solar landscape light?

Solar landscape light(Lohasled solar garden lights)is a kind of green energy lamp, which has the characteristics of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and convenient installation. When sunlight hits a solar cell during the day, the solar cell converts the light energy into electrical energy and stores the electrical energy in a battery through a control circuit. After dark, the electrical energy in the battery powers the LED light source of the landscape light through the control circuit. When it was dawn the next morning, the battery stopped supplying power to the light source, the landscape light went out, and the solar battery continued to charge the battery.

What are the advantages of solar landscape lights compared to traditional landscape lights

Solar landscape lights have 4 characteristics

1. Energy saving and environmental protection. Traditional landscape lights use city electricity, which increases the electricity load in the city and generates electricity charges. Solar landscape lights use solar cells to convert light energy into electricity and store them in batteries, saving energy and protecting the environment.

2. Easy installation. Traditional landscape lights need to be ditched and wired before installation; solar landscape lights only need to be plugged into the landscapeusing the ground plug.

3. High safety factor. The mains voltage is high, which is prone to accidents; the solar cell is only 2V, which is safe at low voltage.

4. Intelligent light control. The switching light of the traditional landscape light requires manual control; and the solar landscape light has a built-in controller that controls the light source part on and off by collecting and judging the light signal.