Data incident notice provided by the Meridian Community College


The notice of the current event is provided by the meridian community college affected the privacy of the personal details of specific individuals. The Meridian Community College is entirely unaware of the actual misuse of personal information. It is providing the notice of the event to the potentially affected people. Information about the steps and events were given in the notice that individuals may procure for better protection against identity fraud and theft.

What actually happened?

The Meridian Community College became aware of the fishing incident in late January 2019, which resulted in compromising user credentials of certain individuals. Immediate reviewing was started by MCC and diligent investigation commenced. This included cooperating with the third-party forensic investigators in order to confirm the scope and nature of the activity.

On 12th April 2019, the investigation stated that it could not rule out access forensically to the email accounts of certain employees. Moreover, the failure to state if certain emails in the affected accounts where are actually subjected to do illegal access. On this basis, MCC undertook a huge manual and programmatic review all attachments and emails in the compromised email accounts for determining whether they contained any kind of sensitive details. This step was taken in caution. The review was concluded on 25th June 2019. The Meridian Community College under 2 and effort for identifying the contact information for certain individuals whose information was present in those mail accounts. Although MCC is completely aware of any kind of attempt for misuse of personal details, still, it is issuing notification out of sheer caution.

What kind of details was involved?

The details present in the affected account differ by individuals but include social security number, name, driver’s license number, date of birth, password and email id, username, passport number, health insurance information, and medical treatment information.