Digital Solutions for Selling your Property

Digital Solutions for Selling your Property

Regardless of where you live in Australia, if you are looking to sell your home and relocate, you will need the services of a real estate agent, and while it isn’t difficult to find such a service, you really have no idea as to the agent’s performance. There is, however, a solution that comes in the form of a real estate agent-finding service, and what’s more, it is totally free for homeowners.

Search, Compare and Connect

It really is that simple; enter a few property details, the postal address and you will receive a list of recommended real estate agents that cover your region. The following agent information is available to the homeowner:

  • Number of units listed this year.
  • Number of current properties listed.
  • Average price of unit sold.
  • Average number of days until a unit is sold.

On top of this, you also see the agent’s rate of commission, plus the national average, which helps you to make an informed decision.

Comparing Real Estate Agents

With all the performance data at your fingertips, it isn’t hard to make a choice, plus you can discover whether the agent has received any awards and you can read the many online customer reviews. You can also take advantage of the LocalAgentFinder property value estimator, which gives you a free online valuation, while you can compare other aspects, including the rate of commission.

Making Contact with Real Estate Agents

The great thing about an agent-finding service is you decide which agents you contact, and if you want to maximise coverage, you can contact multiple agents, all using the agent-finder’s website. Once you have registered, you can login at any time and communicate with the agents who are listing your property, which saves you having to make multiple phone calls. If you are thinking ahead and planning to acquire real estate as an investment, here is something you should read.

Nationwide Coverage

Wherever you happen to live in Australia, the agent-finding service covers your region, and you can compare agents by suburb, by city, or even by the time it takes to sell a unit. This service is free to the homeowner, as the agent pays the finder a small commission, so when you are ready to sell your property, look no further than the free real estate agent-finding service. When selling property, you should be aware of the government requirements, especially property taxation and stamp duty.

Searching for an effective real estate agent has never been this easy, so when you are ready to put your home on the market, search online for a real estate agent-finding service and make an informed decision.