E-Com Galore – James Khuri Is One Of The Big Winners Of 2020

E-Com Galore - James Khuri Is One Of The Big Winners Of 2020

James Khuri is a massive name in the distribution industry. His clients range from Amazon & Walmart to Hasbro, Mattel, Nintendo and many more. The successful multi-company owner is a standout example for generations of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Flexibility in the product range, quick and confident decision making, no mistakes in the execution. Each factor equally important for long term success in the e-commerce industry. A sector, that has experienced growth, where common retail has suffered losses – in the last years, but particularly in this most recent one.

The reason for that is simple, consumer behaviour has shifted more and more towards buying online, but the global pandemic has exhilarated this development to an extreme. And extreme that can easily be measured by the numbers released by Amazon from the second quarter of 2020.

With over 63% growth on the stock market, the giant has grown from a valuation of $920 billion to over $1.49 trillion. Numbers, that are barely comprehendible for the human brain.

Amazon are one of FJ Holding’s main business partners, and they have recently assigned a member of staff exclusively for one of his companies, which distributes goods to 136 countries for Amazon. Khuri’s company is one of only 10 suppliers worldwide that enjoy this prioritized service. “We’ve been able to develop a brand-new distribution model that’s unique in the entire system of worldwide distribution. In fact, Amazon just hired an employee specifically for one of my companies to work with us in the 136 countries that we sell to. 

They’ve only done this for ten suppliers in the whole world. Amazon is going to help us work with the government to establish an online platform.” 

He manufactures and distributes gaming cards such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, Magic The Gathering, as well as Hasbro, Nintendo & Mattel, and several other products worldwide to Amazon, brick& mortar shops, as well as Walmart.

Walmart, who he recently developed a fulfillment plan with, that is looking to compete with Amazon.

“Walmart invited us to start a system called “Fulfilled by Walmart” (…). We started it three weeks ago, and already are processing 4000 orders a week. Because Walmart is now directly competing with Amazon, this will help create a better atmosphere for consumers.” 

James Khuri belongs to the top cut of those whose businesses have grown during the global health crisis, as an already successful and established foundation quickly adapted to the significantly increased demand and different conditions. His goal for 2021: reaching over $200 million in sales.