Embrace the Warmth Right on Your Smartwatch with a Flames Watch Face

Flames Watch Face

Time for a new wear OS watch face for your smartwatch? You’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll be discussing the Flames watch face, created by Live The Times.

High Quality Graphics for your Wear OS Smartwatch

There’s no doubt that all wear OS users want the best watch face for their devices. To this end, we recommend you try the flames watch face for starters.

Live The Times has made a variety of wear OS watch face apps you can download. One of the most popular ones is the Flames Watch Face, which is available to download on the Google Play Store.

Highlighting the Flames Watch Face

To understand how far the developer company has come in the smartwatch face niche it’s worth looking at the Flames Watch Face.

In simple terms the watch face app features realistic flames as it illuminates your Android smartwatch whenever you need it. The animations are so fluid and the graphics so lifelike it’s sure to impress friends and coworkers!

Furthermore, it doesn’t weigh your wearOS smartwatch down- the Flames Watch Face actually adds value by making it stand out from the crowd. You get a realistic watch face that will surely suit your smartwatch and the outfit you’ll be wearing.

The Flames Watch Face boasts HD graphics and customization options in the form of flame speeds. What’s more, you can choose from millions of colors and set watch information however you choose.

You can add heart rate, stopwatch, battery level, weather, steps and a world clock, as well as app shortcuts and Google Pay for easy access.

Live The Times has really stepped up in the smartwatch face niche, and the Flames Watch Face is a shining example of the work they do. For those who are interested they can download the app right now and install it on their Android smart watch today.