Emergence of e-Sports as a Potential New Market for Long-Term Investors

Emergence of e-Sports as a Potential New Market for Long-Term Investors

For those who aren’t familiar with it, try to picture esports in the same way you would any other sport. eSports is gaining popularity day by day due to the advancement in Digital media. Video games like CSGO and League of Legends are being used to substitute for more conventional sports like chess and curling. There is nothing more to a sport than the rules governing it, the field on which it is played, and the infrastructure necessary for it to be played competitively, including players, teams, leagues, and the media covering the competition.

Every esports game has its one-of-a-kind regulations to follow. Make the shift from relying on your physical strength to relying on your keen thinking. When physical stadiums and ballparks are swapped out for virtual arenas and different game styles, everything else remains the same. 

Why is there so Much Interest in Competitive Esports?

First, consider the fact that the viewership of events such as the World Championships of League of Legends was comparable to that of the Super Bowl. Additionally, young gamers between the ages of 18 and 25 watch esports at a rate that is 34 per cent higher than traditional sports. This is due largely to the fact that supporters of esports are also natives of the digital age. Esports are everywhere, even though only a small percentage of millennials watch television or listen to the radio. 

It is essential to examine the potential of esports because doing so shines a light on possibilities beyond the realm of gaming competitions alone. Online Gaming such as slots online, popular culture, the media, and business are the elements that make up this potential. It is sufficient to put the lucrative business of online gambling, which includes such well-known sites as Habanero games, to the test.

Increased Revenue 

Consequently, venture capitalists and private equity groups have increased the amount of money they are investing in the company. According to Deloitte, an accounting firm, there were 68 investments in esports in 2018, which is a significant increase from the 34 investments made in 2017.

Like traditional professional sports clubs, Esports teams have owners, franchises, sponsorship agreements, financial incentives from tournament triumphs, and other factors that contribute to their annual income and overall value.

The sales of the company are projected to reach $1.8 billion by the financial year 2022, according to Newzoo. Esports has a capability to generate revenue from various sources, including live event ticket sales, media rights, in-game purchase and item sales. However, sponsorships and advertising account for most of this revenue.

Path Ahead For eSports

There was a time when the only way to catch the most major sporting events in the world, such as the Super Bowl or the Olympic Games, was to watch them live on television. Alteration and the introduction of new ideas are, of course, inextricable components of any effort. Because streaming places interconnection at the top of the list, the future of media consumption in esports is unmistakably interconnected. This can be attributed to the rise of streaming services.

Esports are contributing to the surge in popularity of Twitch and other large media platforms that were once considered on the fringes of the industry not so long ago. What kind of an impact do you think the current expansion of esports will have on the growth of the streaming TV business in the years to come?

As the streaming television market continues to rise to new and higher audience statistics, it is projected that the growth of esports as a new and rising sector in streaming TV will only continue. As a result of this demand, streaming television can steer esports into unknown territory by providing channels that are solely devoted to the games themselves and esports commentary and biographies of the most prominent players and their respective career histories. Consequently, esports will inevitably develop its own set of personalities, experts, and defining events as its popularity continues to grow.

Increasing one’s income in this sector can also be accomplished by monetising viewers and the advertising provided by streaming TV providers. The idea that everything is connected is essential to everything. It is a well-known fact that watching television online via streaming services is the future wave. The ever-increasing popularity of esports has thrown many options and prospects into the open, throwing the door wide open.

The technology required for virtual reality could become available at some time in the future, which would provide a new level of participation and completely upend everything as we know it. In this day and age of television that can be streamed online, there is one thing that we know for certain: esports are going to have a successful future ahead of them.