Fantasy Cricket


The world’s going digital. From learning how to make food to gaining insight on the best position and time to sleep at night. All things are going digital with the help of amazing technologies. Previously there were fewer online games and the availability of the internet was also less. But now the online games, as well as internet and wifi facilities, are available almost all over the world. With the increase in facilities, the playing of online games is increasing rapidly. People prefer to play online rather than going outside to play. Sometimes the issues of rain, hotness, or cold makes us stay at home hence to get over the boredom while being at home, we play online games.

          Cricket, one of the most popular games across the world. The fans and audience in support of the game are in every street of the world and especially in India. It is said to be the most popular fantasy sports among sports lovers. Fantasy sports is where the participants make their own imaginary team. Here there are copies or proxies of the professional player. When it comes to cricket there are so many websites and apps available for playing fantasy cricket. If you are a cricket lover and want to play it online by making your own team then must read the below article. Here is all about Fantasy cricket.

          In fantasy cricket apps you can select an upcoming cricket match that you can play on your smartphone. You can choose players and make a team of 11 players. But you do not have to take the same players always, you can replace them as per your preference. Yes if you found anyone performing badly then you can easily replace them in an ongoing match itself. You must go for the players who can score good points for your team as well as they are reliable. Also, you can earn real money by playing these games.


If you are willing to play the game by making your team then here are some tips for you:

  • Always analyze the weather and pitch report in every match as these factors affect the performance of the players.
  • Always keep track of the performance of every player especially the recent performances.
  • As there is a saying if you will make a group of dogs and make a lion their captain they all will fight like a lion, so make the best players as the capitation. Also, make the second-best player as their vice-captain.
  • Even the toss matters in a match so do not ignore the toss part of the match.
  • Go for multiple teams that are maximum up to six that will increase the chance of your winning.
  • Never be overconfident and invest all your money in one single match.
  • Top-order batsmen will be scoring good points and they will be playing maximum balls, so select the tp order batsmen.
  • Last but not least always keep a winning mentality and spirit for a victory.

So cricket lovers, above I have provided all about Fantasy Cricket – Tips and tricks, which you can play and enjoy with your friends from any app or website. Have fun playing cricket online !!!