Features of Slot Games Explained

Features of Slot Games Explained

As one of the most popular games in the world, it is unlikely that somebody could go through life without knowing what a slot machine is. What’s more likely is that some people might not know all the features of slot games. After all you don’t really need to know everything in order to play and win. Below we have compiled a short list of key features of slot games.


We’ll start with the most obvious feature. In the past, these coins would have been real. Today’s slot machines have virtual coins, though they perform the same job as the real coins in mechanical machines. When playing online slots, you have to actually buy these virtual coins in order to play.


One of the most important features of slot games, paylines are the amount of lines that will payout to the player. Most slots have paylines going from left to right and the payline must be full with matching symbols for the player to win. There can be any number of winning paylines for some slots so it is probably best for newer players to check the amount of paylines before they start playing a slot. Some paylines even have different odds and give out a different amount of cash than others.


A feature that has existed since the earliest slot machines, the reels are what the player will spend most of their time looking at. Most online slots have five reels but some mega games can have a larger amount, sometimes the reels aren’t even aligned correctly and move while players are spinning them!


These vary from each slot game and appear on the reels. Symbols are something that players should look to trigger on the reels, they can give players unexpected prizes such as free spins and bonus rounds. Be on particular look out for wild and scatter symbols as these often give players a better advantage in the game. There are even multipliers which promise to increase your possible winnings.


This is the return to player, every slot game has one. It is advised that players look at the RTP before deciding to play a slot. The RTP tells us how much it will return to players over a period of time, the average hovers around 95% but there are some slots with an RTP as high as 99%!


This concerns how much risk a player is taking with a slot, highly volatile slots will not payout as much as regular slots but when they eventually do pay out it will be a much higher amount. Conversely, low volatile slots will pay out on a much more regular basis but with a much smaller payout, this is ideal for players who wish to win more and don’t mind the small amount while highly volatile slots are better for high roller players who don’t mind spending and losing money before they see some returns.


Newer players can be confused by some of the features of online slots, so we hope our little guide will be of use to you!