George Gemeinhardt Discusses Increasing Productivity with the Right Background Music

George Gemeinhardt Discusses Increasing Productivity with the Right Background Music

As a student, lean management consultant George Gemeinhardt studied the clarinet, playing in his school band and orchestra. As a businessman managing manufacturing for NN, Inc., Gemeinhardt noted how the right music can increase productivity.

This effect doesn’t just occur in relation to manufacturing, though. You can increase your productivity by playing the right music while you study, work in your office, or work out.

Music includes isochronic tones, a form of brain wave stimulation that syncs the brain to the tones or a related visual pattern. The music increases its positive brain effects when combined with monaural and binaural beats. We call the purposeful use of these brainwave-stimulating beats or tones brainwave entrainment.

George Gemeinhardt says that while you need headphones to obtain the greatest effect from binaural tones, you can listen to isochronic tones through your speakers. Isochronic tones produce a stronger effect. For the best results, choose music that features more than one type of tone, always including isochronic tones as one component. Also, choose music that targets alpha waves, not beta or gamma.

You don’t have to spend any money to try out this method of productivity boosting. Many of the companies that specialize in its production, including Mind Amend, offer lengthy tracks with videos on YouTube for free. Some artists who specialize in including these beats in their electronica or techno also post their music for free on YouTube. You can listen to artists like Jason Lewis and Minds in Unison on their respective YouTube channels.

Each recording using these types of tones has a different goal, so you do need to read the details of the video first. While many of these videos and songs target productivity enhancement or concentration for study, others help with meditation, boosting memory, focusing despite ADHD, relief from anxiety or depression, or sleep. You need to choose the right music for your need, George Gemeinhardt notes.

Get started with productivity-boosting music by listening to Relaxing Records’ Study Music for Concentration, Brainwave Music’s “The Work Beats,” or Magnetic Minds’ “Quantum Focus” – all of which the artists offer for free on YouTube.