Hashmine Continuously Supports Florida Amid Covid-19

Hashmine Continuously Supports Florida Amid Covid-19

Bitcoin mining has recently taken the back seat in light of Florida covid 19 situation, but respected cloud mining company HashMine.io hasn’t stopped to deliver mining services to those who want it.

Covid 19, otherwise known as corona virus has taken the US by storm. The pandemic has already infected thousands of people and disrupted the mining industry, among others.

HashMine.io continues to provide excellent cloud mining services to the Florida community in these challenging times. It’s worthy to note that HashMine.io is one of the few cloud mining companies to support the state of Florida in the fight against coronavirus while ensuring cloud miners can still operate. Miners can look forward to collecting bitcoin and other cryptos anytime, anywhere.

It’s not only the cryptocurrency industry that’s taken a hit. State-wide lockdown has ground the economy to a halt as people take to their houses to try and wait out the pandemic.

It’s worthy to note that there hasn’t been any new crypto mining hardware introduced as of late. Production of equipment has understandably stopped and won’t start until the virus has passed.

Miners are forced to stop their activities and the market is currently in turmoil, but there’s still hope as long as the industry is alive.

HashMine.io Continues with Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Despite all these gloomy forecasts one company stands out. HashMine.io realizes the importance of continuing to provide coin mining services to people who are forced to stay in their homes. They offer a way for people to become productive by keeping their virtual doors open to everyone.

It’s unlikely that bitcoin mining will ever fully stop, thanks to the efforts and the support of cloud mining sites like HashMine.io. Crypto enthusiasts can continue mining their favorite coins while waiting for the pandemic to end.