How Do You Like Your Polaris Ranger – Basic or Modified?

How Do You Like Your Polaris Ranger – Basic or Modified?

Polaris Ranger is undoubtedly stylish and high on utility. No matter which model you choose you can be sure of a comfortable and safe drive. The driving experience can be enhanced further by adding certain accessories specially designed for this vehicle. In this article, we shall acquaint you with the much-in-demand Ranger accessories. So, read on!


Although Polaris offers a safe drive even without the doors, however installing them can add to the safety of the passengers as well as the stuff kept inside. One doesn’t have to be extra cautious while driving on rough and uneven paths if the doors are installed. There are a number of options available when it comes to doors for Polaris Ranger Fortress. You can choose from full, half, mesh and soft doors. Though full doors offer complete protection from wind, dust and debris they are infamous for preventing the flow of fresh air. Half doors are thus gaining popularity among Polaris owners. They offer protection without barring the air flow. Moreover, they look appealing. You can go for half windshield for added protection. When it comes to strength and durability, both full and half doors made with solid steel can be relied upon.

Those low on budget can opt for soft doors. Generally made of polymer fabric and vinyl, these doors affix easily on the UTV and guard against wind, dust and dirt. Mesh doors are also a good option. Made with soft material, they offer adequate protection without preventing the goodness of nature from flowing in.


No matter how carefully you drive there is always of chance of collision when you are out on the road. Adding a bumper to your UTV can help in damage control in such a situation. It absorbs the shock and safeguards the vehicle as well as the passenger. If you are planning an adventure trip or require driving on rocky roads then this is an essential accessory for your Ranger.


Although the UTV offers an impeccable open air driving experience however you are likely to miss the roof above your head during extreme weather conditions. Scorching sun is hard to bear while travelling long distance. And if you require driving past areas that receive heavy rainfall or snowfall then you simply cannot do without a roof. Luckily, it is easy to install a roof on this vehicle.


To accommodate adequate stuff, it is necessary to get a rack affixed on your Ranger. There are special racks customized to fit different Polaris models. The material, capacity and appearance of the racks vary vastly. You can choose a sturdy rack that matches your requirement. The installation process doesn’t take much time. You can even remove the rack without much hassle in case you do not require it on certain routes.

We agree that Ranger rocks in its basic form however adding accessories enhances its utility and makes it safer as well as more comfortable. Many of these additions even augment the look of the vehicle. What do you think? How would you prefer it – basic or modified?