How to Choose the Right Trolley Handle for Your Luggage

How to Choose the Right Trolley Handle for Your Luggage

One of the most popular luggage accessories is the trolley handle. A standard feature with many pieces of luggage today, the trolley handle combined with the wheels have made walking through airports far easier and less stressful. Today, the handle is one of the essential luggage replacement parts. But what makes for a good trolley handle and how do you find one that is best suited for your needs?

What follows are a few tips that will help you located a replacement handle that fits your needs and style while being of good quality.


Whatever handle you purchase, it better be a fit for your luggage. This means that you will have to double-check if you have some usually sized bags or carry a lot of items which provides considerable weight. While most handles will work for most items of luggage, if there is something distinctive or unusual about what you own, then you’ll want to check it out before making the purchase.


Most trolley handles are made from aluminum or plastic, which means that they are of varying quality. While the handles for the most part are cheap, you do not want one that bends or even breaks as you walk through the airport. This means that you’ll want to stick to known brands with good customer reviews. While even the best handles will have a few negative reviews, the good ones will have plenty of solid descriptions about why it works so well.


Admittedly, most handles are so inexpensive that you might want to purchase two just in case one breaks. However, you should still shop for the best price because the money you save can be used for other purchases. There is no need to spend more that what is reasonable for a good trolley handle.


Although most handles are telescopic, meaning that you can adjust it to match your height, you may not be a fit for the handle. This is because most are designed to fit the average person. If you are taller or shorter than the average range, you may have to look for a specialized handle. However, in most cases it is the luggage itself that plays a role in getting the right length.

You are looking for a handle that can tip the luggage onto the wheels while maintaining the right balance when you walk. So, you will need to find the right one that fits your needs as well as your luggage. A good place to start is the Fashionable Trolley Handle 9A01AA-B2 by Sunsen. An inexpensive, adjustable, and durable handle that works for almost any piece of luggage. This telescopic handle can extend, perfectly suiting people of different heights. Well selected materials coated with metallic finish add a high fashion touch to the trolley handle.

Getting the right trolley handle is more than simply picking one out of a catalog. You will need to understand how it works for your specific needs in terms of luggage, height, and overall quality. The handle is one of the essential luggage accessories that comes in quite handy when pulling your bags through the airport. If your trolley handle breaks or the one you have is unsuitable, then you will need to shop the right luggage replacement parts to find the best for you.