How to Create a Lava Rock Wall?

How to Create a Lava Rock Wall?

What is a Lava Rock Wall?

Lava rocks are the most common rocks in the world and are made from an igneous rock formation. You can use a lava rock for several purposes, as you’ll come to realize. Residential and commercial projects use lava rocks for beautiful landscapes, wells, garden mulch, and even fences.

This article will show you how to create lava rocks, the materials you need, and what you can use your creations for.

How to Create a Lava Rock Wall?

If you intend to build a lava rock wall yourself, these are the materials you need for the process:

Lava rocks: The quantity you use is mainly dependent on the size of the lava wall you want. You may use between 200 to 300 pounds of lava rocks.

A shellacking tool: You’ll use this to scoop cement onto the lava walls to make them stay in place.

Cement: You can buy plain or colored cement, depending on the outlook you’re going for.

Shovel, gloves, and goggles.

Now, here’s how to create a lava wall in five short steps:

Step 1: Measure the length of the walls you want to build and use your shovel to dig a hole with a maximum depth of afoot. The gap shouldn’t exceed a width of 10 inches too.

Step 2: Next, place the lava rocks side by side in the hole you dug. Make sure the hole has no spaces until it reaches the surface of the earth.

Step 3: Put on your gloves and goggles and thoroughly mix the cement with enough sand and water. You’re aiming for an oatmeal consistency, which means your mixture cannot be too light or thick.

Step 4: With the shellacking tool, scoop up sufficient amounts of the cement mixture and fill every hole in the lava rocks you’ve lined together.

Step 5: Repeat the lining method and place sufficient amounts of your cement mixture between every space to ensure there are no gaps between each rock.

What Are Lava Rock Walls Used for?

Now that you know how lava rocks are made, you may also be wondering what you can use them for. We have provided below a few ideas for you.

Garden Fence: Lava rocks make great garden fences and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They make your garden stand out while preventing erosion and providing reasonable control over weed growth.

Fireplaces: We bet you didn’t know you could build a fireplace with lava rocks. Well, now you do. However, if you have little to no experience in construction, you may have to employ a contractor for the job.

Garden Mulch: Little pieces of lava rocks can be used as garden mulch in places where you don’t want weed to grow. They serve multiple purposes – beautifying your garden and reducing your lawn mowing chores.

Wells and Fountains: Wells and fountains are also commonly linked with lava rocks. Here, the rocks provide an aesthetically appealing view while also providing functionality.

In conclusion

You may be learning how to build a lava wall for numerous reasons. To make the process easier for you, we’ve summarized it into five easy steps that even beginners will find satisfactory.