How To Detect a KBC Scam Quickly Online

How To Detect a KBC Scam Quickly Online

KBC, or Kaun Banega Crorepati lottery is a massively popular lottery game that’s sweeping the whole nation.

Scammers try to ride on the successes of the show and trick people out of their hard-earned money.

But it can be easily avoided as long as you’re aware of the new lottery information center. All KBC fans and customers can know the lottery winner online to prevent scams and unwanted solicitations.

On the website are vital information such as the KBC Helpline number and KBC Head Office numbers so you can confirm with authorized personnel.

Here are a few ways to detect a scam call.

Fake Numbers

Make sure you’re aware of the right numbers on KBC. Recently, calls are originating from fake numbers that begin with 0092, which indicate that these aren’t official channels and should trigger warning bells in your head.

Processing Fee

The caller will ask for a deposit that he or she will call ‘processing fee’ or ‘tax money’, but don’t get too excited. KBC personnel will never ask for any fee or tax, especially on the phone. Moreover, you should become immediately suspicious if the caller asks the money to be deposited as a bank draft.

Bank Details

Here’s another popular scam by KBC opportunists. They begin the call by congratulating you on winning, then ask for your bank details so they could ‘send’ the winnings there.

This may sound legit, but you’ll have to make sure to confirm with KBC Head Office number Mumbai to see if you’ve definitely won the lottery. You can also check on the internet for the lottery winner before divulging bank details.


WhatsApp is a popular app for communicating with friends, but scammers will try to call you from there. If you’re a regular KBC participant, then it makes sense to write down the KBC office number so you can confirm in an instant if you’ve won or not.