How To Find Out If Someone’s Stalking You On Instagram?

How To Find Out If Someone's Stalking You On Instagram?

Don’t you think we would be lying if we say we have never ever stalked a person on Instagram?

Right or wrong, the satisfaction after finding the profile of the person who caught our attention is indeed indescribable!

Instagram has millions of users and amongst them, some people stalk profiles using real accounts and sometimes with fake accounts.

Now, the funniest part here is that we often end up liking old pictures of our crushes, but the curiosity rises by leaps and bounds when you notice people stalking you! The excitement drools over and the will to find out who that person is, grows even stronger.

Since the new Instagram update has removed all the means to see every photo someone likes on Instagram and find out who might be stalking your profile, we have got other different ways.

If you are dying to know who is stalking your Insta profile, here is what you can do to unravel the mystery!

1. Download an app for the stalkers

Weird but Yes! You can get tons of applications that can give you the analytic details of your stalkers. Some applications are free whereas some might cost you a certain amount of money. Before you download any app, make sure it is Play Store or iTunes certified.

2. Check your Instagram story viewer.

When you update your Instagram story, you get the chance to see how many people who are not in your followers’ list have seen your story. According to some sources, it has been also said that if you notice your top viewers properly, the persons from the top till below are the persons who follow you frequently. Even though this is a theory, but you never know how things work on Instagram!

3. Go Private

Were you ever stalking someone so bad that when they suddenly changed their account to private from the public, you had to seek in by following them? Well, that is because it is easier to track who has been stalking you or maybe was trying to stalk you. For a week or so, you could try getting private for better updates from your stalkers.

4. New Applications and Better Applications on the way!

Sometimes stalking could also be turned down into cyberbullying or cyber harass, so it is important that you know who is on your Instagram and who should not be there. Recently after an update, Instagram would give you the notification of who took a screenshot of your story. Now according to sources, applications will be released which would notify you anytime someone takes a screenshot of your picture or story.

5. Try new Applications.

There is no problem in you downloading different apps that give you the information about your stalkers or at least the weekly analysis. In fact, certain apps give you the information of when exactly have your viewers viewed your story.

In your excitement to hunt down the person who might be stalking you, don’t just download any app that you get. Make sure you download the safe and certified applications only.