How to Improve Communication in Your Organization

How to Improve Communication in Your Organization

Communication is a vital part of any organization. It is the only thing that allows fluent workflow and managing through different positions. Can you imagine if some of the best teams in NBA betting odds had poor communication? It would be devastating for their aspirations.

Unfortunately, many companies lose money each year due to poor communication. A recent survey tells us that 60% of all companies don’t have a long-term plan for their internal communications.

We live in digital times, where technology allows us to communicate freely any time to every part of the world no matter the distance. That is why it is a shame to lose money and create an inefficient company where the only problem is communication.

In this article, we will highlight some of the ways you can improve the communication in your organization and make every business process go smoothly.

  1. Go for Purposeful Communication

Communication is not just about quantity. You can build a team that communicates with each other on unnecessary subjects that do not improve the workflow of the organization. That is why you should always strive for purposeful communication or, in other words, improve the quality of information. Gossiping around is only going to waste time or, even worse, sparks a conflict between co-workers.

You should avoid empty or hurtful communication that is not helping the team members. This doesn’t mean that team members should not communicate freely, but there is always time for that on the launch break.

  1. Productive Meetings

Meetings are the most essential part of any internal communication. It is the only way to step up as a leader and make sure everyone is well informed about the goals and works towards them. However, you should always know the limit when you need to set up a meeting. Remember, daily meetings can only promote unproductive work and sharing repeatable information, and not every information should be passed down on a meeting. In a recent survey, we found out that more than 70% of the surveyed employees said that the meetings are unproductive and unnecessary.

  1. One-On-One Communication

The only way to promote excellent communication in your organization is trust. Trust is the base of every deep conversation, which is why one-to-one interactions can boost your co-worker relationships and help you build a well-structured team. However, since it is a sensitive way of interacting with your employees on a daily bases, you need to handle each and every situation delicately. Remember, not everyone feels comfortable sharing some information with you one-on-one, and you should always give them the necessary space.

  1. Choose Effective Channels

As we mentioned earlier, we live in a digital world where things change rapidly. Following some of the latest communication trends will help you build an organization with a good workflow. When it comes to choosing your communication channels, you need to think carefully. Remember, the information can change the meaning due to the presentation. You should always go for the quickest and best way to pass down information to your employees.

There are a few channels, such as:

  • Texting using apps with group chat;
  • Voice calls;
  • Email
  • Instant Messaging;
  • Videoconferencing;

That can help you improve communication in your organization. You should choose a video channel that works best for your organization.

  1. Keep Everyone Updated

Every company has goals that everyone works to accomplish, but the employees can feel useless or unmotivated if they cannot see the progress towards those goals. That is why it is necessary to keep everyone updated. Things like deadlines, milestones, or goals need to be communicated clearly just to keep everything on the right path.

You should update employees with the latest company goals and tell them what to aim for. All of this will improve the communication and motivation between team members.

These are some of the best ways to ensure fluent communication between employees. Remember, communication is vital for every organization, and it should be your main focus. In a recent study, we’ve seen that, on average, companies lose more than $11,000 per employee each year due to poor communication. That must change since we have all the necessary equipment for communication, and all we just have to do is use it effectively.