Importance of Certified Hygienic Components in Machinery Manufacturing

Importance of Certified Hygienic Components in Machinery Manufacturing

When it comes to food production, an essential issue is to ensure hygienic optimization of every single part of your machinery – including accessories and components. At the same time, with so many innovations in the market, it can be challenging to pinpoint one who deserves all the accolades.

To ensure that you are not in turmoil and can provide your facilities with the best hygienic aids, NGI has launched the most hygienic bearing house on the market. Not only for those that want to make the food industry more hygienic, but this bearing house also has multiple functions.

Why Use Certified Hygienic Components from NGI?

Thankfully, technological advancement is thriving in this sector, with unique innovations that enhance product quality and functionality. NGI aims to ensure that we meet and exceed the needs of our customers by investing in innovation and designing hygienically optimized components based on market demands.

Not many know this, but around 15% of our revenue goes into further research and development, allowing us to make new innovations in the field. Every progress starts with a wise decision – we want to assist you in finding the best possible components for hygienic optimization. Feel free to contact us for advice and a free sample.

Benefits of Using Bearing Houses from NGI Hygienic Components

The hygienically optimized bearing house is the most hygienic on the market today. Some of the significant features of the same are:


The new bearing houses are hygienically certified by EHEDG, 3-A and USDA). Furthermore, they are certified by IP69K.


Our bearing houses are produced in sturdy grilamid with co-moulded FDA-approved TPU seals. The product group consists of five different types of bearing houses) and can be equipped with a stainless steel or ceramic bearing. Last but not least, bearing houses are tested and conforms to ISO9628_2006 and ISO3228_2013.

Amazing Stability

In all sectors where hygiene is one of the top priorities, the inclusion of these bearing houses as one of the hygienic components is highly recommended in order to minimize risks of contamination of the end-product. Therefore, we have ensured that our product offering enables you to reach optimal quality, robustness and stability.


Interested in finding the optimal hygienic solution for your equipment? We are happy to assist you and provide you with a free sample of our bearing houses. Each component is designed to be best-in-class and provide end-users with a high ROI.