In Conversation with Karishhma Mago: COVID-19 Impact on Social Media and outlook for 2020

The health crisis has taken its toll on the world, from local businesses and industries to the global economy. While some sectors were more affected than others, the need of the hour was to adapt, evolve, and survive. The role of social media became intrinsic to communication. While businesses scrambled to go digital, social media as a sector was also affected by the pandemic. Karishhma Mago, the founder of Digital Nod, shares her insights about how COVID-19 has impacted social media.

A change in consumer behavior

One of the most compelling changes brought by the pandemic was the paradigm shift in consumer behavior. With a global lockdown in force and people living self-imposed quarantine, people’s manner of consuming, interacting, and transact changed suddenly. Social media became an integral conduit through which people kept in touch, sought the latest developments and news, and communicated. Karishhma added, “Social media usage and engagement have spiked drastically. The scenario presents a unique opportunity for brands and businesses to effectively leverage social media and reach their audience. It is also important to temper advertising with empathy and compassion at a time like this.”

The multifaceted function of social media

Social media dawned several roles amidst the pandemic. From entertainment and interaction with people you’re otherwise unable to meet, to following news and current affairs, social media became integral. Businesses and brands were forced to migrate online and leverage social media to survive, sustain, or diversify. Karishhma explained, “Social media platforms allowed users to purchase essentials and medical supplies, or entertain themselves while brands and businesses found a way to sustain amidst the pandemic. Social media’s role on both sides was instrumental in maintaining equilibrium during COVID-19.”

The role of influencers

In Karishhma’s opinion, social media influencers are the new celebrities of our time. They are relatable, familiar, and have an aspirational aura. From urging their followers to follow safety precautions during the health crisis to sharing motivational content, social media influencers can help people stay positive. With COVID-19 affecting big businesses, social media influencers are keeping people engaged and motivated. According to Karishhma, social media influencers play an increasingly important role for brands, companies, and end-users. She added, “Influencers can encourage massive groups of people to do the right thing. Positive messaging and reinforcement can go a long way during difficult times. Social media influencers can add a degree of personalization to messages while communicating them. In several ways, social media influencers bring something unique to the table as opposed to traditional forms of advertising. “

She concludes by adding, “COVID-19 will change the way the world does businesses. While businesses are flocking to go digital, consumer behavior is changing too. In a world where change is the only constant, social media’s role in the future will continue to evolve.