In Today’s Technology Era Quran Learning With Online Classes

In Today’s Technology Era Quran Learning With Online Classes

With a drastic shift of services and products being available online, the internet has become saturated with thousands and thousands of alternatives for a single category/genre of a product or service, and it gets very overwhelming to choose one to go with!

Similarly, with Quran Academy or Quran Classes, numerous tutoring sites are available with attractive courses and affordable fees. Still, unlike other services, Quran tutoring is something to carefully deliberated and then took a decision as to which one to go with. And despite not being help for every category, but hey, we have narrow it down to one Quran Academy that is the best in our opinion, and that is “QURAN FOR KIDS (”

What makes “ QURAN FOR KIDS ” the Best Quran Academy ?

Quran for Kids is an online tutoring platform that is UK and USA based, which offers Quran learning from home by experts. And despite what the name suggests, this Quran academy is not only for kids but has a remarkable learning atmosphere for adults too. 

This Quran Academy has by far the best Online Quran Classes; they understand the need for the latest technologies and attention span of humans. Hence they have provided comprehensive online Quran classes by incorporating the most effective teaching methods for seamless, effective learning.

And the crowning attribute of this Quran Academy is definitely, their attitudes towards their students. It’s safe to say that they try their best to facilitate their students in every way possible, from providing numerous courses to choose from, experience tutors, various discounts, trials period, easy global accessibility, flexible schedule, and an amazing affordable fee structure.  

The crowning features of this Quran Academy !

With the recent progression, we see many online Quran classes on the internet, and though all of them may provide the same facility, it is not entirely true for “Quran for Kids”. This Quran academy is an ideal tutoring platform that provides a great deal to its students despite the necessary recitation and memorization of the Quran.

Let us make you go through their every feature for you to understand why we prefer Quran For Kids Online Quran Classes to other Quran Academy and why you should consider them.


Learning the Quran is indeed a remarkable and praise worthy initiative; however, we usually associate it with children as children are excellent with memorization, and most Quran Academies focus on that solely. However, despite their name being Quran For Kids, this Quran Academy focuses on teaching children and adults both, which is an ideal scenario for people who are older and want to get to earn Quran the correct way. The interactive classes, effectual mode of teaching, and expert tutors help in effective learning even the availability of one on one class helps too.

Moreover, despite what the age may be, some individuals are slow learners or just want to learn at their own pace, this online Quran academy not only allows individuals to choose their own schedule and tutor but also allows learning at their own pace away from the pressure of other students.


In today’s day and age, we should all learn Quran online, as there is no denying that time is of utmost value. On certain occasions, it gets hard to keep up with a schedule that is designed by others you; Quran For Kids, understands that issue and hence provides a convenient solution for its students.

Quran for Kids allows their students to schedule their classes at their own convenience. Allowing them to determine the momentum of their own endeavors, making it easier, less stressful, and effective to learn the course.

And unlike other Quran Academies, which provide flexible timings, this Quran Academy has 24 hours class Availability. Since there is no restriction on timing, this makes learning the Quran accessible and feasible for people worldwide, people who are traveling, or individuals with a hectic schedule altogether.

Learning Quran should be an activity to find solace, an activity that people enjoy and not feel burden by. Providing the option of 24-hour availability definitely helps with doing so, in our opinion.


Though learning the Quran may not be the most challenging thing in the world but the most vital thing is to learn it effectively and especially accurately. And it’s safe to say that we have found accuracy and efficiency both with Online Quran Classes by this Quran Academy.

Quran for Kids has definitely high standards with their tutors; these experts are knowledgeable and have adequate teaching skills and effective methods to best facilitate students. In fact, this Quran academy claims that their tutors can easily teach in new and innovative ways, which is evident through their teaching, which emphasizes that this academy prioritizes quality over anything.

Though we couldn’t find any information regarding their hiring criteria but looking at the tutors, we can confidently say that they must be having strict criteria for hiring tutors as they cater to people worldwide with different age groups, dialects, languages, and backgrounds.

However, what caught our eye the most was inclusivity, where a lot of online Quran classes are taught by males, Quran for kids have female tutors too that are just as good and an ideal option for females and especially very young children.


It should not come as a surprise that many individuals turn towards an academy or an institute, mostly for the courses that they offer. And though most of the Quran Academies offer the same courses more or less, the Quran for Kids has a more enriched and detailed course outline. They not only focus on getting the course complete, that is, teaching what the course suggests; they take their time to make sure the content that is delivered is accurate and wholesome.

If you go through the courses they offer, you’ll see that every course has its own detail section, where objectives and features of the course are listed out. With every course outline, it is evident that they focus not only on the more profound understanding of that particular course but also on Islam in general, which is appraised, to say the least.


Like every other Quran Academy, Quran for kids offers a good set of online Quran classes that range from Quran teaching, tajweed, and more. However, as you must have guessed, they offer extra essential courses too that in our opinion is of much value and importance. Following is a brief outline of the courses so that you can understand why we prefer the course outline of this Quran Academy more. Feel free to check them out for a better, more comprehensive understanding of why you should learn Quran online with Quran for Kids. 

Quran Reading with Tajweed

This course is ideal for individuals for any age group and irrespective of their command of reading Arabic. As a Muslim, everyone knows how to recite Quran. However, it is not enough in our opinion; reciting Quran with proper tajweed is the correct way forward, and this Quran Academy exactly does that they focus on teaching recitation of Quran with proper pronunciation fluently.

Quran Translation

It is upsetting that many people don’t understand Quranic Teachings and just focus on mere reading. However, this particular course Quran for Kids does not make students familiarize with the translation of surahs only but makes them understand one to word translation as well.  

Quran Memorization and Tafseer

Everyone seeks to know the Quran by heart, but unfortunately, many academies tutor children in this regard solely. With the Quran for Kids, adults can memorize Quran too and be hafizs. This course claims to make individuals master in Quranic recitation and memorization with proper understanding if Tajweed rules, making it more refine and supple than other Quranic memorization courses.

Tajweed and Tarteel

Though this course is self-explanatory, that the proper pronunciation is taught in it, but the academy also focuses on rhythmic tonality along with fluency in recitation, which in our opinion is indeed an added bonus.

Primary Islamic Education and Daily supplications

Surprisingly, a lot of Quran Academies don’t provide this course. This course is not only essential for kids but newly converted Muslims and People looking to convert too. From memorization to understanding Islam and its essentials. In our opinion, it is a must-have course to be opted for.  

Arabic Course

Muslims are all over the world, and not everyone knows Arabic or understands it. Hence such Quranic academies need to teach Arabic as it gets more comfortable for people to understand and communicate. Quran for Kids teaches their students how to speak Arabic and teaches them from the very beginning, focusing on grammar and alphabets and helps them with vocabulary and formulating sentences beyond those mentioned in the Quran.


As mentioned earlier, Quran for Kids is based in the USA and UK, two countries that are the most developed globally and hence are up to date with technology—hence making Quran for kids the most technologically advanced Quran academy in our opinion.

This Quran Academy has an application and website that makes accessibility easy. They primarily use Skype to teach their online Quran courses, a free, easy, and accessible platform to all. And with the thought they have put into designing their course and making use of technology, we do not doubt that they will keep on working to make online Quran classes more accessible and user friendly through the use of more technological advancements as the years come by.

And since everything is coming online, why shouldn’t Quranic learning too.


Learning Quran should never appear like a compulsion, or else it eliminates the whole purpose as individuals tend not to give it importance. And that is what’s best about the Quran academy. They make use of technology creatively that keeps the student engage and interested for more. For kids, they have interactive games and quizzes that allow them to learn without being annoyed or irritated, helping in effective and efficient learning.


Students’ satisfaction should be every institute’s responsibility, and at this Quran Academy, we felt that.  It’s so interesting and refreshing to see how much importance they give to their students. Any complaint or issue is dealt with the utmost respect and work towards making their learning experience pleasant. They do it by improving and correcting issues that are mentioned by the students, which is why their credibility and honesty are raved about, and we stand by it.


It comes as no surprise that academies and institutes have consultancy and assistance available for their students and potential clients. But the instancy with which you get assistance at Quran for Kids is truly remarkable.

As soon as you visit their website, you are greeted with consultants that are readily available to help and are cooperative and patient with hearing you and catering to your every issue. In fact, they allow you to interact with a tutor directly. And times where they might not have an answer, you can send an email to them, and they get back to you very quickly—showing their respect and prioritization towards individuals.

Making Online Quran Classes financially accessible

Quran for kids offers various packages for individuals to choose from, which is irrespective of the courses. This means no matter what package you choose, the content will be the same.

However, this may arise a question is what is the difference then. So as we have mentioned earlier, this academy understands that every individual is different with different learning capacities and a busy schedule; hence different packages allow them to learn of their own accord.

The offer of a week-long trial period is also a financially attractive feature if you ask us. As at many cases, you don’t like the course, the flow, or even the tutor, and if the course is paid and then taken, the money may go to waste. Hence, taking a week-long course allows individuals to familiarize themselves with the pace, courses, tutor, and online Quran teachers methods before committing and spending their money.


Safety has become paramount at this time and age, especially with the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore having an online Quran Class helps make the teaching go smoothly and without the risk of contracting the virus, even if it’s a collective class.

Other than that, it might be controversial, but having online classes reduces the chances of physical abuse such as beating and harassment, which particularly highlights this year, especially with physical madarsas. And such actions actually affect individuals’ mental health and plays a role in the ineffective learning process.

Abuse is a leading concern, and due to the nature of online Quran classes, it can be more stress free for individuals to opt for it. It not only makes it easy to monitor but also provides evidence in case of any uncertain occurrence.

Nonetheless, no matter which safety issue it may be, online classes are definitely a safer and convenient offer to opt for—quality without any compromise.


A very interesting feature that most academies don’t have and may not even be required for Quran academies to have would be Blogs. But blogs providing my a Quran Academy could be so useful, we had no clue, but we are glad that they do.

So the blogs are readily available on their website and can be accessed by everyone and our free. The blogs are written on various topics and are very informative. There are informative articles, stories, and much more, that are posted quite frequently.

The most vital thing we realized with the availability of this feature is that the material, the content available must definitely be authentic and well researched, which prevents individuals from getting confused and misinformed regarding information and events that have happened in the past as the internet can be confusing, misleading and contradicting. 

Why Quran Academy when there are Quran apps

This is an interesting and valid question most people might have; we had it too until we came across this Quran Academy. There is no denying that there are various Quran apps that are easy to use and free as well, but with applications, there are many issues that may arise, and online Quran classes helps to tackle those issues. For example;


Though there are various courses online in every particular field, yet people prefer to go to schools and colleges, ever wonder why? It is because developing a human connection is always important it not only helps people to stay consistent and learn more effectively and better.

Similarly, with the Quran for Kids, though the teaching is online, it is real-time and has face-to-face learning, which allows teaching and learning accurate and useful. 


Likewise, online Quran classes allow interaction with tutors in real-time, which makes learning more profound and adequate. When learning through an application, many questions are not being answered as there is no teacher to guide you through, which makes learning half-hearted and may cause individuals to feel discouraged or excited about the course, which is not the case with online classes.


We may not be equipped with knowing how advanced and effective various Quranic applications may be, but we definitely know that they do not offer a wide range of courses to choose from. Like mentioned earlier, none of the academies we have searched about do too except for Quran for Kids.


This is definitely one of the leading reasons why online Quran classes should be preferred over apps because when you have paid for something, and a schedule is set, even if you may not at first want to attend it, you will have to; hence your learning will not be jeopardized. We know how inconsistent we have been with our learning with applications like these.


Since Quranic applications are programmed and are not equipped to tackle issues like inaccuracy of a student to pronounce a word or to change the trajectory of the teaching methods for their better understanding, so it may not be an ideal medium for learning especially for beginners and kids.


With Quranic applications, there is no examination that tests how much knowledge you have retained or accurately identifies your understanding. When you know that you’ll be tested for something or a test might be taken, than you give that work more time and focus and try your level best to learn in order to good, its human psyche.


Last but not least, Quranic applications are like a helping source that can come in handy with online Quran classes, but they cannot replace Quran Academies at all.


We don’t know if our word is of any value to you but what we can say with utmost certainty is that Quran for Kids is definitely one of the best Quran academies on the internet that are honest, accurate, and hard-working to provide individuals the best Quran learning experience.

Quran for Kids has a complete curriculum that covers all and provides more than what you expect. Don’t quote us on this, but we believe that they are striving to build a community that will be educated, equipped, and benefitted from Quranic teaching. And would be willing to do so on their own because of the way this Quran academy teaches through their online Quran classes.

We want to conclude that though the saying goes that, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet,” we would like to contradict it by saying that with Quran for Kids, “The roots are sweet and the fruits are even sweeter!” So if you want to Learn Quran Online, we would highly recommend all of you to check them out and trust you won’t get disappointed. You have our word.