Installing a New Aerial – What You Need to Know

Installing a New Aerial - What You Need to Know

An aerial is an equipment that can expand your TV viewing and entertainment options in the UK. For one, it can access Freeview and other OTA signals from broadcast stations.

In today’s world, having more options is certainly better, especially if you’ve watched just about everything there is in Netflix. Also, you can just turn the TV on and let it run in the background.

Here’s a rundown of the basic components you need for an aerial installation.

Aerial Equipment

To get broadcasts on different frequencies you can choose from an indoor or outdoor aerial equipment. Part of the installation procedure is having it pointing towards the nearest transmitter.

The latest aerial is one that’s called wideband aerial, or type T or type W. It captures the entire signal range, including digital TV so you can get the most programs and channels.

A Recorder, Box or Freeview TV

TVs that were built in 2010 will have Freeview, which means you can just connect an aerial and voila! you get live TV and HD channels. Adding a recorder will allow you to replay or rewind the content, e.g., a game-winning play or the breaking news.

Ask the help of a professional if you want the best aerial installation for hassle-free viewing. Afterwards, you can enjoy the full benefits it can bring for your home.

Should You Install an Aerial?

You should install an aerial for the following reasons.

You don’t want to pay a monthly fee. For streaming services the cost of entry is per month. With an aerial, you just have to invest in the equipment and you get the available frequencies broadcast to your TV.

Local news is important. If catching the local news is important, then an aerial is a must-have. Operation is easy as well- just turn on the TV, set the input to aerial and you can watch or listen to the news in the background.