Is Porcelain Veneer Right for You?

Is Porcelain Veneer Right for You?

Porcelain veneers are a popular treatment to get a perfect and natural-looking smile. Porcelain veneers owe their fame to the celebrities of the tinsel town who flash their ideal smile. Everybody wishes to achieve a big and beautiful smile. However, porcelain veneers are not suitable for everybody. Fortunately, there are other treatments that you can opt for your dental condition. This post will discuss porcelain veneer Sydney benefits and who is not a good candidate for the treatment.

What are the benefits of Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin coverings placed over the natural teeth to conceal imperfections like tooth discolouration and cracked and chipped teeth. It can also close the gaps to give the patient a perfect smile.

Some of the benefits of Porcelain veneers are:

1. Can Prevent Tooth Discolouration: 

Yellow teeth do not always mean that they are unhealthy. It is usual for teeth to discoloured over time due to bad eating habits and improper dental hygiene. However, some people want a perfectly radiant smile when teeth whitening techniques do not work; porcelain veneer is the perfect solution for them.

2. Protect Damaged Teeth:  

After treatment for damaged teeth, the patient may still not be happy with the smile aesthetics. In such cases, porcelain can come to the rescue and mask the teeth. Porcelain veneers are natural-looking, durable, and long-lasting. In addition, porcelain veneers can cover minor gaps and misaligned teeth.

Who is not a candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers may not be the right treatment for everyone. A patient who is unwilling to take good care of their veneers by flossing and brushing them twice a day is a bad candidate for porcelain veneers. Because veneers, if not cared for, will break down and will need to be replaced.

Extensive Tooth Decay:  

A patient who has extensive tooth decay, fractured teeth or teeth with periodontal disease are not a good candidate for porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers need the teeth to be stable for porcelain veneers to be considered an option. Therefore, the dentist will do an extensive evaluation of your mouth before considering you for porcelain veneers.

Extensively misaligned teeth:

Severely misaligned teeth will not be considered for porcelain veneers. Instead, the dentist will have to shave off a more significant part of the tooth enamel to align the teeth, eventually leading to tooth sensitivity. In such cases, the dentist may opt for braces to cure to align the teeth before placing the veneers.

Insufficient And Discolored Tooth Enamel:

Sufficient tooth enamel is mandatory for the porcelain to bond with the teeth. If there is insufficient enamel, there is a chance that the porcelain veneer fails. In case of discoloured enamel, the dentist will have to whiten the teeth before placing the porcelain veneers

Improper Gum Tissue alignment:

Sound gums are needed for proper tooth shaping of the veneers. If the gum heights are disproportionate, they will need to be treated before placing the veneers. 

Additionally, improper habits like chewing, clenching, and grinding of the teeth could disqualify you from being the right candidate for porcelain veneers.


Porcelain veneers are the ideal treatment to uplift the appearance of your smile instantly; however, not every patient who wants the treatment is the perfect candidate for the treatment. In such cases, the dentist will suggest an alternate treatment plan to correct your smile before the porcelain veneers can be placed to give you a radiant smile.