It’s 2021: You Should Be Getting These Repeat Purchases Delivered

7 Repeat Purchases You Should Be Having Delivered

The future is now, and if you’re not taking advantage of today’s technology and innovation, you’re costing yourself a lot of time and money. One of the perks of living in 2021 is home delivery, popularized by e-commerce behemoth Amazon and trickling down to even local ma-and-pa stores.

With just a few clicks, you can get almost anything you need delivered right to your residence. This will come in handy if you ever need to quarantine again. Even if (hopefully) you don’t, it will make your daily life much easier by practically automating your most frequent purchases.

The following are a few common repeat purchases that you should look into getting delivered next time you need them:

Prescription Medication

Getting your prescriptions sent to your doorstep is beneficial for many reasons. First of all, it’s so much easier than going to the pharmacy to refill a prescription yourself. There’s no travel time and no waiting in line. Your prescription will arrive just when you need it — before you run out of your current supply first.

That brings up the next key benefit. With prescription delivery, you won’t forget to get a refill and miss a day or two without taking a dose. For some medications such as birth control, timeliness is essential. So why not reduce the risk by having it delivered?

Toiletries and Hygiene Products

If you’re not already having toiletries delivered, today is a great day to start. Soap, makeup, deodorant, and more get used up and need regular replacement, so have them sent to your home before you need to restock. If you have favorite brands, you probably know how long it takes for you to go through a bar, jar, or bottle of them. Thus you can plan your shipments accordingly.

Feminine hygiene products are high on the list of products you can and should get delivered. There’s nothing worse than running out of these products the moment you need them most. Shipping and packaging are discreet as well if you’re concerned about your privacy.


If you have children, you know just how exhausting a trip to the grocery store can be. Yet food and essential supplies will always need restocking, so you can’t swear off grocery shopping altogether. You can, however, do it online.

Parents everywhere can rejoice that grocery delivery, once a relative rarity, has now become commonplace. Even before the pandemic, companies such as Instacart were revolutionizing the rideshare industry, picking up grocery orders instead of travelers. Grocery chains are following suit, putting employees to work in company vans loaded with local deliveries.

In addition, you can look into other food delivery services to fix you up with what you need. Try a subscription that delivers healthy meals or fresh ingredients to your door to help you make better eating choices.

Work Supplies

Before COVID-19, only 17% of Americans worked remotely full time. That number shot up in 2020 to 44% due to the pandemic and the need to shelter in place. The coronavirus has accelerated the transition to remote and hybrid work, opening up new opportunities for workers around the globe.

If you’re among the new wave of remote workers or have a home business, consider getting your work supplies delivered to you. Start by getting the materials you purchase regularly sent on a cycle. Copy paper and Post-it notes are popular and useful selections. There are even programs like HP’s Instant Ink, where your web-connected printer notifies suppliers that your toner is low and orders a refill for you.


You might have a favorite hoodie you wear daily, but the fact is, clothes eventually wear out or go out of style. When that happens, they need to be replaced. Online shopping allows you to browse more options than you could at a physical store. Plus it offers quick and easy shipping.

The one reservation people have with buying clothing or footwear online is not knowing how each article will fit. What if a garment arrives, and it is too small or doesn’t fit your body type like you hoped? These doubts lead many customers to brick-and-mortar shops where they spend hours scanning the racks hoping a shirt they like will be in stock.

Luckily, most clothing deliveries come with free returns if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Before placing an order, make sure the retailer offers that option. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that if you buy a piece you’re not happy with, you won’t be stuck with it.

Cleaning Supplies

For all you Monica Gellers out there, you’ll be happy to know that cleaning supplies can also be delivered straight to your home. You can sign up for a recurring delivery if you go through a lot of cleaning products or place an order as needed.

When ordering your cleansers and cleaning tools, consider buying them in bulk. Doing this may qualify you for a discount, saving you money on a purchase you already planned to make. If nothing else, it spreads the cost of shipping over a larger order. Cleaning materials store well, so you won’t have to worry about making small, repeat purchases as you would with perishables.


Do you stop by a coffee shop on your way to work every morning? If you do, you can save a lot of money by having your favorite brew delivered to you instead. Millennials spend over $2,000 a year on coffee per capita, so it’s an expense that can definitely stand some cutbacks.

If you already make coffee at home, getting your beans delivered will save a trip to the store when your supply is low. Plus you can try new flavors and keep your stock up-to-date with just the click of a button.

You can get just about anything delivered these days, from pizza and toiletries to mattresses and cars. Don’t let the traditions of the past cost you time and money. Start putting that mailing address to use today.