Local SEO Marketing Strategies to Build Your Brick And Mortar Business

Local SEO Marketing Strategies to Build Your Brick And Mortar Business

When a person has a brick and mortar business they must use SEO to reach local customers. While online businesses can benefit from phoenix SEO services so can traditional businesses. These are some tips to help a brick and mortar company use local SEO to their advantage.

Google My Business

This is a service that is offered by Google that makes it easier for a person to find a local business. When the business is listed on this page it will show up on the Google Maps section when a customer searches for a specific business in the area. Linking business to this page will also increase the ranking on the search results page.

Google will be able to verify that the business is legitimate which will make a big difference with the customers. It will help strengthen the SEO services and will allow a business to become more visible. If a person has their business on this page then they need to update the information and make sure it is accurate. This will allow customers to find the business and reach the page without a problem.

Optimize Business Listing

When a person has their business on a local listing they need to make sure it is optimized. This will help increase the ranking in the search results. If the business has its site listed and there is a link that will take them back to the site this will help increase organic traffic and will help a business get more qualified leads.

Optimize the Content

Every business needs a website, even the local words. They should use the keywords to maximize the exposure of the business and to reach more customers. This will reach the local customers when they search for the produce or the service that they are looking for. Relevant keywords will help a business be found and customers find out information about the business. If a business owner does not know how to do this service they can use a phoenix SEO service to help them with this.

Ask for Positive Reviews

Real customers can leave reviews on the webpage of the business. Since they are also local residents this will mean a lot to the local customers. If they see people in the community leave positive reviews this will mean a lot more to the customers. They will trust reviews from others in the community and these reviews will mean a lot more to them.

The business still needs to read these reviews. If the customer did not have a perfect experience the business needs to make up for it right away and can even publish how they are going to make amends.

Mobile Responsive Site

It is essential that the website can be used on a mobile device. Most people, even local customers use local searches on their mobile phones. The website must be able to be used and accessed on a cell phone. There are over 4.6 billion people that use mobile devices and a business needs to have their site optimized so that they can reach all of these users and their search. Around 50 percent of searches are done on a smartphone and it is important to reach this audience.

These are some things that a business owner can do to help their brick and mortar business appear to local customers and build up their business. Every business needs a website and this will allow local customers to discover the business.