Maria Vittoria Cusumano’s Journey Through Fashion

Maria Vittoria Cusumano’s Journey Through Fashion

Maria Vittoria Cusumano is well known to her 300k+ Instagram followers for her activism efforts fighting breast cancer and violence against health workers.  In addition to her role promoting women’s health as ambassador for Komen Italia, Maria is also a devoted fashionista.  Not only does she have hundreds of posts documenting her experiences attending worldwide fashion events, but she is also the founder of online fashion magazine MVC.

Growing Up With Fashion

Maria Vittoria Cusumano was born in Bonn, German in December of 1991.  Growing up living between New York and Rome, Maria was raised in a family of women that gave her ample opportunity to browse and find her favorite clothes.  While she eventually went on to graduate in law and receiver her Master’s in forensic genetics, this early love of fashion continued to bloom.

From Scent Of Woman To MVC

In 2016, Maria began writing a fashion blog titled “Thescentofwoman.”  Discontent with the limited following her blog was able to reach, she eventually became the founder and editor of her own online fashion magazine.  MVC magazine is a digital fashion magazine that documents fashion events such as Milan Fashion Week as well as iconic fashion trends such as the latest Fendi bag.  At her magazine, Maria oversees a team of approximately 35 journalism and fashion professionals while also attending fashion events all over the world.

Recognized For Her Work In Fashion

Maria Vittoria Cusumano has won several awards for her role in various fashion-related endeavors.  In 2017, her collaboration in Milan Fashion Week led to her winning the Career and Fashion Professions Award during the Rome Fashion White.  In that same year she was also a Member of the Jury during the Roma Web Fest Fashion Film Contest, Member of the Jury for Lookmaker Academy, and Member of the Jury for the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai.  It’s clear that despite her young age, Maria Vittoria is a rising star in the fashion world.

Sharing Fashion On Social Media

In addition to running her digital fashion magazine and winning awards for her work in fashion, Maria also shares her experience at various fashion events with her social media followers.  Her take on Men’s Fashion Week in Milan has been written about online, namely her thoughts on the fashion brand Dsquared2.  Maria shared on her social media page her enthusiasm for the prelude video before the catwalk as well as the after-show party in Lorenzini.  Her posts about fashion generate thousands of likes that show her followers are just as enthusiastic about fashion as she is.

Maria Shares Her Own Fashion Secrets

Fans everywhere are asking Maria for her opinion on the latest fashion trends, but they are especially interested in what Maria herself chooses to wear.  When asked in an interview about what she always carries in her suitcase and bag, Maria shared two things: a pair of heels and a pair of sneakers to help her stay ready for any occasion.