Medical Training and Tech Can Be Key to A Healthy Heart

Medical Training and Tech Can Be Key to A Healthy Heart

The heart is a vital organ that distributes blood throughout the body. It’s not only until the turn of the century that we had tech breakthroughs that allowed us to measure its health accurately and even prevent future complications from occurring.

In sports, it’s equally important to keep a close eye on one’s heart and prevent future problems. It’s a key parameter when the individual undergoes a stress test, during training and competition. Cardiac control can now be experienced, thanks to heart rate monitors in smart watches and fitness trackers.

The Golden Rule of Exercise

Health experts say that 20 minutes of exercise a day and more than 150 minutes per week is key to physical well-being. To this end we can safely say that technology can help us measure and mete out these goals.

Aside from fitness trackers and smartwatches that can put us in the optimal cardiovascular condition, getting exercise can now be done in both indoor and outdoor settings. Traditional gyms will have weights and treadmills, while home gyms have a variety of equipment in all shapes and sizes.

Technology- the Ally of Healthy Hearts

In sports, the training prescribed by organizations will depend on several test results. An accurate measurement system such as the electrocardiogram is utilized by sports doctors to come up with personalized regimen for every individual.

Cardio equipment have evolved from jumping ropes and running to ellipticals, state of the art bicycles and treadmills that have added features. They can tell you if you need to push harder to get the optimal stress state or slow down when you’re doing too much.

Who says you can enjoy exercise without entertainment? Technology can play a hand in this role as well. For instance, you can watch and follow your favorite team by watching them on 슈어맨 while on a rowing or cycling machine.