New Partnership From John Steuart Will Help Maryland Athletes With Emotional Struggles

New Partnership From John Steuart Will Help Maryland Athletes With Emotional Struggles

John Steuart recently connected his leading sports publisher with a mental health application to help support student well-being and track potential emotional troubles. This tremendous partnership is a groundbreaking venture that combines Steuart’s love of technology with his desire to help people who need it the most. Mergers like these can help improve the lives of all people they touch.

John Steuart and His New Partnership

John Steuart is a leading venture capitalist who has built many successful businesses and concepts over the years. For example, he helped build CountySportsZone to make it the ultimate high school sports publisher in Maryland. His career has focused heavily on bold and innovative technologies, and his recent pairing with Got It Life has made big splashes in the high school sports network.

Got It Life is the leading AI-assisted mental health app for athletes, especially high school athletes. It can help these young people track their depression, performance anxiety, loss, grief, post-traumatic disorder, and much more. The intuitive design allows athletes better track their health concerns and gives them a better grasp of how their competition affects them emotionally.

Through his partnership, John Steuart hopes to help connect athletes from CountySportsZone to the mental health help that they need. It hopes to combine its unique access to athletes via the CSZ Blog and other sources. CountySportsZone tracks all scores from all Maryland games and includes much more in-depth stats than any other Maryland athletic website.

Due to this unique depth of information, CountySportsZone has become the state’s most trusted and accessed high school athletic site. Thousands of athletes read it daily and contribute information about their games through the blog. Teachers, parents, and other community members also come to this site for in-depth information and trust it to provide the best details possible.

Throughout the site’s life, John Steuart has seen many athletes struggling with things like injuries, poor sleep, and success pressure from themselves, coaches, and parents. That’s why he reached out to Got It Life to create this partnership. He loved the AI-directed evaluations and the valuable ways they helped athletes better understand and manage their emotional health and succeed.

CountySportsZone users can not access Got It Life and use it to track their anxiety, get suggestions from medical professionals, and connect with other athletes struggling with similar problems. Teens can use the app to record their emotions, track their progress, and make it easier to connect with others and share what can be very challenging emotions without feeling pressured to conform to what others think of them.

John Steuart believes that this help, as well as the unique ways that students can create mentor and mentee relationships, make this app an excellent option for student-athletes. Mental health problems may not get addressed early enough in many people’s lives, particularly in student-athletes who otherwise seem okay. Getting this help can ensure they live a happy and healthy life into adulthood.