OTT and the Cloud Are Changing the Sports Broadcasting Landscape

OTT and the Cloud Are Changing the Sports Broadcasting Landscape

Sports broadcasting has shifted from being in the hands of traditional satellite providers to over the top, subscription video on demand and video on demand services, all of which are supported by modern IT infrastructures and cloud services.

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Over the top platforms are becoming popular as companies can readily offer. This can affect how sports are being broadcast and its reach to different regions and continents. It’s a win-win situation for all involved- sports enthusiasts will have more options to see their favorite teams in action.

Advertising Models

Gone are the days of wide-targeted ads that are either a hit or a miss. Today, addressable ads offer a higher engagement rate to those who are interested in the ad itself, and depending on data such as gender, age and others. Much like internet ads, new ad models will only show up for those who want them.

For example, in-game betting will show up only for those who like to gamble. In the business side, launching a campaign should only take within 48 hours and can be made to be as specific an audience as possible.

Cloud Services

Cloud services and sports broadcasting go hand in hand. Data centers are a vital part of the platform as it allows for pay-per-use in consumption. Any kind of sports broadcasts, from large multinational leagues such as the NFL, NBA and ESL to smaller ones such as netball, judo and cricket will be on equal footing.

This type of service will adopt a strategy just like giant streaming networks and stream high-quality content that can be distributed all over the world. The speed of file access and scalability is virtually limitless as long as companies have the hardware to support it.