Pocket7Games’ Second Anniversary

Pocket7Games’ Second Anniversary

Pocket7Games is celebrating its second anniversary, marking two years of fun, skill-based games. Pocket7Games is a reliable, trustworthy social casino app, with a fast track to high winnings for skilled players.

Many Cash Prizes Awarded

            In the last two years, Pocket7Games has released many popular skill-based games, such as Bingo Clash, 21 Gold, and Fruit Frenzy. There’s something for everyone in this collection of high-quality games, whether that’s a brand-new matching game or a twist on a casino classic. These competitive games offer live matches and tournament-style gameplay for the app’s users. Skilled gamers have the chance to win cash prizes in these fast-paced skill-based matches.

Many players have already won cash prizes by winning these fast and fun games.  Pocket7Games has recently marked a prize-giving milestone, with players winning a record $300 million in total prizes in these skill-based games. Gamers are trying out casual and competitive games, like Fruit Frenzy or Bingo Clash, and winning real cash when they win the games.

Fast Track to More Winnings

Most of Pocket7Games’ matches are head-to-head games for two players. These live games let two opponents compete for Tickets or cash prizes. These classic matches are very popular, but there are always new games and features in this app. The newest addition is a challenging One vs. Many game mode. In this match mode, players still play a live game, but this time, they compete against three other players. This is a challenge, since players have to defeat more opponents, but winnings are much higher. This new One vs. Many match mode is perfect for skilled gamers looking to increase their winnings quickly. To celebrate Pocket7Games’ second anniversary, there are also some bonuses available in the app. Every player who tries out the new One vs. Many match mode will receive 10 Gems as an extra bonus.

Secure and Trustworthy

Pocket7Games’ may owe some of its success not just to its cute and fun games, but also to its secure deposit and withdrawal system. Players who’d like to deposit money to wager for games will need to submit their age and location. This helps to keep everything safe and legit for all players. Depositing money is fast and easy, with options to use PayPal, a credit card or a debit card to deposit. Smart players can often get Bonus Cash with their deposit. Right now, as part of the second anniversary celebration, players who deposit any amount will also get a bonus gift of 150 Gems.

Withdrawal is safe and secure. Winning players can securely withdraw what they’ve won directly to PayPal, a gift card, or a bank account. Many players agree that a secure and reliable withdrawal system helps make Pocket7Games a trustworthy social casino app.

Of course, players can enjoy the games without depositing by choosing Ticket games. These Ticket games let new players practice and become more confident in their skills before entering any games for cash prizes.

Ready to start playing? With cute games, big prizes, and a smooth withdrawal process, Pocket7Games is a great choice of social casino app. Plus, there’s one more bonus for players to mark Pocket7Games’ successful two years: When you play Lucky Card right now, there’s a special anniversary prize of $1,000 for a lucky winner.